10th Installation Art by the Bay @ KK 2023


A Public Community Interactive Art Program

Theme – Forging Ahead

Venue: Tanjung Aru Beach 2, KK


The 10th Installation Art by the Bay @ KK is holding its 10th Anniversary edition at Tanjung Aru Beach 2, simultaneously with The Tanjung Aru Beach Festival 2023.


Drawing their inspiration from the theme “Forging Ahead ”, 14 teams are showcasing their 3D installation art pieces and Eco-Sculptures, all made from waste, reusable or recyclable materials such as scrap metal, plastic, glass, tree branches, tyres, wood, pieces and plants. The selection of these reusable materials aims at raising public awareness of the need for sustainability in our

environment. Associate Professor Dr Awangku Hassanal Bahar Pengiran Bagul, Chairman of the event is heartened to note that some previous art creations will be re-installed to bring us down memory lane in celebration of this event’s 10th Anniversary. We should have about 25 Art Installations set on the beach.


This year’s event is supported by participation from Denmark & Finland, Singapore and Sabah. Many of the teams have been participating in the event since its first edition in 2014.


Looking back into the history of the event, Installation Art by the Bay @ KK started as a platform to increase awareness on the diversity of art. There is so much more to art than paintings. We wanted to introduce Installation Art as another art form to be appreciated as well as utilising this art form to convey environmental and sustainability messages through upcycling. In addition, we envisioned this annual program to involve potential national and international art teams as well as being a tourist attraction.


Since its inception in 2014, the Installation Art by the Bay @ KK event has consistently promoted the theme of environmental awareness. Every installation art has to communicate to the society that we should operate based on four core values – Sustainable Development, Ecological Protection, Resource Conservation and Environmental leadership.


The organising committee strongly believes that using installation art as a medium to communicate environmental issues can encourage positive environmental awareness by stimulating discussion, reflection and engagement that result in positive action towards environment protection. Over the past 9 years the event has recorded over 150,000 on-site visitors, 300,000 online reach and engaged more than 2000 artists all over the world.


We will keep organising this event, giving opportunities to all the participants and the public to immerse themselves in the environmental themes by being committed in becoming more green, more eco-friendly and more sustainable in our behaviour and in the choices we make.


The 14 participating teams in the 10th Anniversary Installation Art by the Bay @ KK 2022 – Hybrid Edition and their respective Installation Artworks:

No. Team Name No. Title of Installation Art
1 SH Art Studio, Denmark-Finland 1




Moving Up- On Line Video, 2023


Talking heads, 2019

My Cities, My memories, 2022

2 Singapore Connection

Collaborating with DecoArt Team

5 Eyes of the Future, 2023
3 EcoLab 6 To Fly or Not to Fly, 2021
4 EcoHearts 7




Best Foot forwards, 2023

East meets West, 2017

Compass of Hope, 2021

Be the Voice, 2022

5 Provera Art 11 Kupi-Kupi Dulu Ba!, 2023
6 Arts by Dion, Tuaran 12 The Invisible Threat, 2023
7 EcoGeeks 13 Only What We Need, 2019
8 The Mansons 14


Jolly Girl, 2022

Happy Bot, 2023

9 Bayu Patron, Keningau 16 Happy Bayu Hotel – On line Video, 2023
10 Rohasmezan Family Team, Pitas 17 Sabah Nature Inspiration
11 Deco Art and Craft Team 18a





Save Our Trees, Save Our World, 2015

Mandala – A Circle Connects, 2016

Vigilant, 2020

Windchimes of Adversity, 2021

Game On, 2022

12 A&P, Tuaran and Papar 22


Ketam Batu, 2018

Labah Labah, 2019

13 JF Production 24


Poly C Park, 2023

Ms Selly, 2022

14 Coconut Girls 26 Hula Hoop Fun



Chairman : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Awangku Hassanal Bahar Pengiran Bagul (Universiti Malaysia Sabah)

Members : Mdm. Christianne Goonting (Lavinia Art Gallery)
Mdm. Fauziahton Awang Samad (Director of City Tourism Planning Department (DBKK)
Mdm. Pauline Chin (Sabah Tourist Association – Honorary Secretary General)
Mdm. Jennifer Linggi ( Director TR Foundation)
Mdm. Sara Elisya Ahmad Shah (Director – Sabah Art Gallery)
Mdm. Eva Anani Baggai (Deputy Director – Crafts Sabah Art Gallery)
Ms. Intan Munirah Hamzah (Designer – Sabah Art Gallery)




Thank you.

Prepared by
Christianne Goonting & Pauline Chin
Core Organizing Committee member
Mobile: 019-8811330 / 016 832 2940
e-mail: christianne.goonting@devaser.com / anyinn@gmail.com