A Weekend Wonder in North Borneo: The Best Stays in Kudat

Contributing Writer: Kualla Kobayashi


In our last exploration, we discovered the mesmerising beauty of Kudat’s beaches and scenery, turning a getaway into unforgettable moments with loved ones. If you plan to prolong your stay, Kudat provides a diverse range of accommodations to match individual preferences. Whether you fancy beachfront resorts, snug eco-lodges, or charming rustic retreats, Kudat has an array of options to choose from! Here are some top-notch accommodations in Kudat:


Kudat Golf and Marina Resort



Enjoy peak luxury in Kudat Golf and Marina Resort with family and friends with their all-rounder facilities. From swimming pools to a gym and sauna room, guests can focus on self-rejuvenating whilst enjoying the marvellous views of the sea. For guests who want to fully immerse themselves in the activities held at Kudat Golf and Marina Resort, there are many types of accommodations available, all comfortable beds and luxuriously furnished with delightful views.


Phone number:  088-611211

Email: reservation@kudatgolfmarinaresort.com 

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The Kudat Riviera

The Kudat Riviera has a plethora of Villas to suit every individual and group, with promising marvellous views, luxurious facilities and safety with 24 hour security. Enjoy the privacy of a private pool and the serenity of the green gardens in the premises. For big families who are planning for an extended adventure, the Kudat Riviera has got you covered with private car parks that can hold up to 8 vehicles at once. With fully equipped kitchens, enjoy quiet nights with family and friends over the rustic dining table or even fun barbeque activities with available BBQ facilities. Breakfast is included throughout the stay. 


With amazing hill views: The Sunbeam Villa has two bedrooms, each equipped with a king-sized bed and can accommodate up to 2 to 4 guests; the Tranquil Seas Villa too has two bedrooms, each equipped with a king-sized bed, and can accommodate up to 4 to 6 guests; while the Bayuh Sabbha Villa has three bedrooms, equipped with a king-sized bed and two day beds, two twin-sized beds and one king-sized bed respectively, and can accommodate 6 to 10 guests.


With famous beach views: The Sabah Sunset Villa has three bedrooms, each with a king-sized bed; The Casuarina Palms Villa has 4 bedrooms, each with a king-sized bed. Both villas can accommodate up to 6 to 8 guests.


For guests with a large family, the Frangipani Villa & Family Suite is the perfect place. Consisting of 4 bedrooms and a suite, it can accommodate 8 to 14 guests at a time. Bedrooms 1 to 3 consists of a king-sized bed, bedroom 4 consists of two twin-sized beds and the family suite consists of one king-sized bed, two twin-sized beds as well as two day beds.


Phone number:  +60 169408966 / 088-616161

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Hibiscus Villa Borneo

With the luxury of a private beach and pools, the Hibiscus Villa Borneo consists of three spacious and lavishly furnished bedrooms, two with king-size beds and one with twin beds with two additional pull-out beds built in. Guests can lounge around the two-level villa and enjoy its fully equipped amenities to the fullest. With amazing views from every window, the villa is the perfect place for guests to relax and destress fully from the bustle of city life. It can accommodate up to 9 people, and is inclusive of breakfast. Guests can also simply walk from the villa through the jungle walkway to the nearby their white sandy beach—it’s just a 3-minute stroll.


Phone number:  +60 19 895 0704 

Email: info@hibiscusvillaborneo.com

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Hibiscus Beach Retreat


Hibiscus Beach Retreat is a paradise which showcases the beautiful views of the sea from its chalets. Perfect for lone travellers, couples or families, each of Hibiscus Beach Retreat’s chalets are specially accommodating for each guest with daily maid service and a hearty continental breakfast available every morning. It prioritises the safety and comfort of the guests with 24 hour security as well as helpful staff. 



For a more tropical environment, guests can opt for the Treetop chalet that nestles high up amongst the trees with great views of the sea. It’s a larger unit compared to the Clifftop chalets. Guests who are more interested in the serenity of the sea can opt for Clifftop chalets with unparalleled beachside views. Guests can enjoy soaking up the sunlight with sun lounges right outside the room.


Phone number:  +60198950704 

Email: info@hibiscusbeachretreat.com 

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Merrimas Villa


Located at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, or more famously known as the Tip of Borneo, Merrimas Villa boasts a marvellous view of the sea. You can choose amongst their many chalets: Honeymoon chalets with two queen-sized beds, Hyperstar chalets with 2 queen-sized beds but a larger space compared to the Honeymoon chalets, and Happy Family chalets with 2 rooms (two queen-sized beds per room) and a living room. All chalets are equipped with air conditioning, a fully functioning bathroom, television with the local channels, as well as hot and cold water. 


For sunset enthusiasts, we highly recommend that you stay at Merrimas Villa’s chalets with a direct view of the sea: the Sunset Cliff chalet with two Queen-sized beds or the Sunset Cliff Executive chalet with two rooms, and two queen-sized beds per room. Both chalets are fully air conditioned, have a working bathroom, hot and cold water, and a rear balcony that overlooks the beautiful horizon of the sea. 


Phone number:  +60198332199 / +60198923299

Email: reservations@merrimasvilla.com 

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Kudat is one of the untapped treasures of North Borneo. One can never truly enjoy the riches of Sabah without visiting Kudat and savouring what it has to offer. Stay tuned, and we will be back with more unsung wonders of Sabah.