Alu-Alu? Is This The Yummiest Kitchen in Kota Kinabalu?


Farm-to-table with Alu-Alu Kitchen
By Azeera Az.

There’s a hidden gem situated inside the busy industrial area of Kolombong. With a strong passion to promote organic and healthy range menus, Alu-Alu Kitchen introduces you to a healthy eating lifestyle where you can dine in with your friends and family of all ages. The SMBM team were given the privileges of being behind the scene of their innovating food concept as the Alu-Alu team introduced us to two of their main organic farms: Green-Os Organic Farm and Borneo Eco Fish Farm.

Alu-Alu Kitchen only uses organic vegetables that are freshly handpicked daily at the Green-Os Organic Farm, Kinarut. These vegetables are certified by the Department of Agriculture Sabah and we had the opportunity to harvest our own vegetables for lunch! Our excitement hiked even more when we were brought to their vast plantation, with selections varying from heirloom tomatoes (or tomato kampung), brinjals, bok choy (“pak choi” or Chinese cabbage), winged bean and more. The company has overcome many obstacles during their cultivation process of these natural greeneries. Yet through their endless commitments, they have managed to successfully produce products that are free from pesticides or any form of chemicals.  They even managed to cultivate healthy bacterias into their planting media which helps to provide a balanced diet to customers.

After picking vegetables, we headed over to Borneo Eco Fish Farm. We were greeted by Mr. Edbert Chong who showed us around the fish farm where they promote healthy fishes. Their fish farm has been certified to practice Good Agricultural Practices by the Malaysian Department of Fisheries in their proven of producing chemical and antibiotic-free fishes. We went around the farm and was introduced to different types of fishes and prawns and how they apply good farming practices to produce good quality fishes.

Our last stop was Alu-Alu Kitchen itself where we were greeted  with a glass of cold fresh Roselle juice, suited after a long and hot day. The vegetables we hand-picked earlier on were prepared into different types of healthy cooking dishes – with oyster sauce, garlic, minced meat, and even made into salad. Other dishes include: 

Not only are the dishes infused with tasty and fresh flavours, but it’s great  to know that you are consuming healthy and safe food. You can enjoy healthy food experience at work because  Alu-Alu Kitchen also provides delivery during lunch and dinner hours.

Address: Lorong Mangga 1, Kolombong Light Industrial Estate, 88450, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Opening Hours:

Lunch: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Dinner: 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.


For bookings or enquiries:

M: 088 230 842

Whatsapp: 019 896 2028


Instagram: @alualukitchen

Facebook: Alu-Alu Kitchen