#BahMariLah: A Weekend Getaway to Kundasang


By Azeera Az.

Dear Malaysians, we’ve finally given the green light to travel! As our country transitions into the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), eager travellers can now roam to different parts of the country!  Lucky for us, Sabah is filled with amazing traveling destinations with a variety of activities for you to choose from. One must-visit hotspot is Kundasang.

Kundasang is filled with interesting attractions suitable for weekend trips with your family or friends. Another reason why it is the ideal place for a weekend gateway is because there are many places that you can swing by along the way. We’ve come up with a 2D1N getaway plan just for you, covering all the various activities you can try and places to fill your tummy! P/s: Some businesses are still closed during RMCO. So before heading to any destination, please double check your itinerary to ensure a smooth journey.

Tip: Among the places you can stop by before heading to Kundasang is the famous Bakut Canteen in Tuaran! The stall is famous for its Tom Yum soup, and we highly recommend you to have a try. Uniquely in Sabah as well, are the distinct-named noodles. Enroute, you can try Tamparuli or Tuaran Noodles. 

Upon reaching Kundasang, visit your first pit stop would be at the Desa Cattle Dairy Farm. It offers one of the most unique sceneries in Sabah and there’s also many attractions for you to explore. One of the highlights of the farm is the feeding activity where you have the opportunity to feed their animals. After that, you can sit back and have a taste of its local and freshly-sourced dairy products such as milk, ice cream, yoghurt, and pizza!

If  the Desa Cattle Dairy Farm is not your cup of tea, you can always switch to plan B and head to Kundasang War Memorial. Take a historical trip of remembering our war heroes, and stroll around the four beautiful gardens – the Australian Garden, the English Garden, the Borneo Garden, and the Contemplation Garden and Pool. 

Tip: If you are a thrill-seeker, do check out the ATV activities available around the area to have a different experience of Kundasang. 

If you ADORE rabbits, another pit stop we highly recommend before heading back to your accommodation is Ranau Rabbit Farm. The place is beautifully decorated with colourful umbrellas disguised as a roof to keep you out from the blazing hot sun. They also have one of the friendliest rabbits! Enjoy your time playing with these loveable furry friends and take as many photos for that Insta-worthy shot! 

Tip: If you’re planning to travel further from Kundasang, have a stay at Sabah Tea Resort. Not only is the food delicious, but you’ll also be surrounded by various Instagrammable attractions within the tea garden. A bonus? You would be able to have a taste of Sabah’s finest tea!

A trip to Kundasang would never be complete without taking a side trip to Sabah Park’s Poring, Ranau. This park caters to all types of travellers! However, you probably need to save half a day to relax  here. If you love swimming, you can take a dip in their outdoor or private pools. For those who love to hike, enjoy nature with their canopy walk tour and experience walking through their suspension bridges. Lucky visitors will also be able to witness a Rafflesia in bloom! If that’s not enough for you, then venture down to Kipungit Waterfall to have a quick splash of its cold water. 

Tip: If you’re up for it,  you can continue your journey to Langanan Waterfall which is an estimated two-hour trekking trip. You will also get the opportunity to stop by at the Bat Cave. Psst! There will be leeches along the way to the waterfall.

Before you call it a day or end the trip, visit Kinabalu Park on the way back to Kota Kinabalu and get the best close up view of Mount Kinabalu by driving to Kiau Gap Viewing Platform. It’s also the best place for a sunset photo session, but we only recommend it if you’re planning to head back home at night. 

Tip: If you’re hungry, have a quick bite at their restaurants with the option of either Balsam Cafe or Liwagu Restaurant.

There are definitely more places for you to visit in both Kundasang and Ranau, depending on how many days you plan to travel. Our advice when planning your trip is to plan ahead and make sure that the places you want to visit are not too spaced out in between. Otherwise, you will be spending more time in the car than visiting the fun and exciting places Kundasang and Ranau has to offer! #Bahmarilah and get planning on your weekend getaway! Kundasang will always open its doors to welcome your visit. To top that, buy any Staycation package from this site and you will be eligible for a lucky draw entry to win more vacation prizes. 

Disclaimer: All images were taken last year, before the Covid-19 pandemic.