Brave the Waves and Go Surfing in KUDAT!


Who says surfing can never be done in Sabah? We just had the first Music and Surf Festival @ the Tip of Borneo on the last weekend of November 2017, andit was amazing to see surfers working the waves at Kalampunian Beach.

Surfing in Sabah is relatively still a new adventure sport since year 2000. Waves here are not big as Indonesia or other famous surf destinations, but it is catching up among a very small fraction of the local people, are mostly youths and young adults.

Best time to surf
Southwest (May to September)
Southwest monsoon (November to March)
Let’s find out where to surf in Sabah!

Kalampunian Beach, Kudat, Tip of Borneo (Level: Beginner to Expert | 1ft to 8 ft)
Kudat is famous for its white sandy beaches, pristine aquamarine waters, and the panoramic views of the sea are a magnificent sight at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau. It is one of the best destinations for surfers to visit where you can expect crystal clear waters and seasonal waves varying from one to eight feet.

Compared to the other locations to surf in Sabah, Kudat is considered the best location as the waves are usually bigger and there are many surf points that thrills! For non-surfers, the tricks and twists of surfers certainly amaze us, even you just chill by the beach.

If surfing is your passion, you’ll love Kudat. You’re always close to the sea, and chances are, there’s a great surf break not far along the coast. Waves are usually bigger compared to the rest of the surf locations in Sabah, with several surf points. Moreover, simple camp under the stars by the beach or you can choose to stay at the budget resort nearby.

Coincidently, if you are traveling Sabah either at the end of November or beginning of December, you can join the Music and Surf Festival where beginners will be able to learn how to surf, by clinics, and grab the chance to participate in a surfing competition! The Sunset Music Concert is one that you shall not miss.

Note: This location has point breaks and beach breaks.

Other locations

For more information on surfing in Sabah:
Ivan Nicholas: +60 12-827 1662
Shafina Adly: +60 12-306 9977
Facebook: Sabah Surfing Association (Sabah Borneo Surf Club)
Instagram: @sabahsurfing