Celebrate Your Parents in Kota Kinabalu


The month of May and June are not only about cultural festivities! Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are both coming up as well! If you’re like me, sometimes, we have squeeze our brains to come up with a things for these two important days..

Have you thought about how can you celebrate these important days? When we were kids, it was easier to give them a handmade card to impress them. When it comes to presents, I know that the hardest present to buy is for my dad!

Whether you’re after a luxury spa day, a five-star afternoon tea, or other unique experiences, we have a range of ideas to suit all needs (and budgets).

Here are some tips that might inspire you.

  1. Hop on a Cruise!

It’s easy to treat your parents to a short few hours away from town. Treat them to a cruise along KK City Waterfront and Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Parks onboard North Borneo Cruises! Enjoy the beautiful sunset, dinner, as well as the entertainment on board!

  1. Dining in or out?

Spending quality time together with their children means the world to our parents. It is not necessary to go for expensive dinners that might burn a hole in your pocket. For new ideas, you can go through our choices of places to eat in this month’s magazine issue. If you’re opting for something simpler, you (and your siblings) can always whip up a special meal in the kitchen and dine together as a family. Remember, it’s a day for your parents. Don’t forget to clean up after!

  1. Rest and Relax

Treat your parents to a spa day at Mandara Spa, Magellan Sutera Resort. Let them relax and unwind to therapeutic Balinese massages. The spa offers brilliant service and beautiful surroundings including stunning views overlooking the South China Sea. 

  1. Pamper sessions

Who says pampering sessions are only for women? It’s about time to treat your dads too! “Love, Lusie” beauty scrubs are one of our favourites. It is the first of its kind to be infused with the endemic Bornean tuhau (wild ginger) plant as their key ingredient in skin care products. It is believed to be rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties. All flavours of ‘Love, Lusie’ body scrubs are inspired by several destination in Sabah such as Kota Kinabalu, Penampang, Tenom and Kundasang. Find them at Kadaiku, Sinsuran!

  1. Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? I know, all mothers will tell you “Ahh, don’t buy flowers for me, it’s a waste!” but trust me, once they receive it, they will be over the moon!  Don’t forget to order your flowers in advance!


  1. Keep it simple

If you’re planning on a simple and traditional celebration, then, go for the traditional ways. Why not create something handmade? These gifts come straight from the heart.

Nonetheless, don’t let your parents feel that they are important only on these days. Our responsibilities as their children is to make our parents feel special everyday. So, make time and create more quality moments with them. Don’t forget to show and tell your parents how much you appreciate and LOVE them!