Covid-19: Things We Can Do To Keep Ourselves Busy During CMCO 2.0


by Amber L. Lanjuat


Our Government has recently extended another two weeks of CMCO in order to tackle the increasing rise of Covid-19 cases. Albeit this time it is not as strict as our MCO during March, as citizens of Sabah, it is still our responsibility to take precautionary steps and to adhere to the SOPs that have been set out since early this year.


With more time within the walls of our home, we can fill our time with plenty to do. If you’re out of ideas, well you’re in luck as here are just a few things that can help you with your CMCO blues.


Take time to relax 


We’re all pretty worried about the scary numbers of Covid-19 cases that seem to increase, however, we can take this time to unwind or finish that list of movies-to-watch. Staying at home and avoiding going out too much can help the numbers to gradually decrease, we’ve done this before and we can do it again!


Time to pick up a new skill / hobby 

Maybe you picked up a new hobby during the previous lockdown, you could kick start it back up. Start heating those ovens and bake those beautiful loaves of bread. Baking, painting, programming or any other skills that we can learn through the internet has the potential of bringing in some form of income during these tough times. We encourage you to try a more online approach to find clients – spread of word through Whatsapp groups, a Facebook page to showcase your beautiful creations or even look through for job offers. All safe within the comfort of your homes.


Start your exercise regime 


Once we all go back to work, it could be hard to put aside some time to fit in an hour or so of exercise. Well, now all we got is time. Take the time to take some deep stretches first thing in the morning. Head towards the window, balcony or your driveway and soak yourself with some healthy dose of Vitamin D from the morning ray. It’s a good way to start your day if you want to stay productive during PKPB. Exercise is one of the best ways to release endorphins – our happy hormones.


Bring out your Green Thumb

We don’t mean this only in your meals, but you can start growing your own vegetables. You don’t need a backyard for this, you can free up some counter space and have a little garden set-up right in your kitchen.


There are many authentic online platforms that sell plants and deliver them straight to your house. You can even head over to Facebook Market – you never know, you might find your neighbour there selling a succulent. It’s also not a bad choice to consider a few potted plants in the house if you’re not blessed with green thumbs. Here are a few suggestions for beginners:

  • Cacti or succulents are easy for beginners, they don’t need a lot of watering and you can leave them by your window.
  • A potted plant of aloe vera is good as it not only improves the air quality of your home – but it’s one of the best home remedies to treat battle scars from the kitchen.
  • The snake plant is also one of the easiest and most beneficial indoor plants you can have in your house. It is easy to care for and emits oxygen while absorbing the excessive amounts of carbon monoxide. It also filters other toxins from the air such as benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde.   


Throw out the old, in with the new

Have you been indulging in online shopping? No more closet space? No amount of organisational drawers can help clear out the cluster of items? It’s time to give them a new home. Have a ‘garage’ sale and sell them off.


Marie Kondo once said “The best way to choose what to keep and what to throw away is to take each item in one’s hand and ask: “Does this spark joy?” If it does, keep it. If not, dispose of it. This is not only the simplest but also the most accurate yardstick by which to judge.”  


Take care of yourself 

In the midst of trying to stay productive, we forget to take care of ourselves. Make sure you’re eating proper meals throughout the day and not to forget supplements: Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium, etc. Hydrate yourself with enough water daily, and have breaks. It is healthy to take a day to laze around and not do anything. Staying too much time indoors can cause tremendous stress on some, you should always take a walk outside.


We encourage everyone to continue being vigilant during this time. Decrease your time outside in public and crowded places, always keep a small bottle of sanitiser with you and wear a mask while you are out. Keep a safe distance from everyone and always wash yourself after going out.


Be safe always. #stayathome

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