Embark on a 16KM White Water Rafting Expedition in Ranau!


Contributing Writer: Glory Roslily


Embark on an adrenaline-fueled adventure as you conquer one of Malaysia’s longest white water rafting adventures! P.S. Win some FREE white water rafting vouchers with a friend! Keep reading to find out more. 👀


Hello Sabah team has embarked into an exciting new activity by Borneo Strider: a thrilling 16-kilometer rafting expedition from Majabou point on Sungai Mokodou to Kg. Lobou-Timbua!

In September 2022, the Borneo Strider team collaborated with the Tagal Perancangan committee to launch their first rafting package. This exciting adventure includes a 4km route with river grades 1 & 2.


Experiencing Ranau White Water Rafting


Amidst the calm landscapes of Kg. Perancangan in Ranau, adventurers can embark on a thrilling rafting adventure, navigating through the forests and waters of Mokodou river, located in the Geo-Park area of Ranau, Sabah.


This activity is located 20 kilometres from Ranau town, and 10 minutes from Bulatan Simpang Poring and Bongkud.



Upon our arrival, Borneo Strider team provided us with a safety briefing and a concise explanation of the upcoming route, guiding us as we geared up for a safe adventure.


Ranau White Water Rafting needs a minimum of 4 participants. Every boat will be accompanied by a professional river guide, ensuring safety throughout the journey. Additionally, safety kayaks will be on standby for emergency assistance, and emergency exits will be readily available for added security.


This 16km route offers a challenging mix of river currents ranging from Grade 1 to 3. Our adventure kicks off at Majabou Point in Kg. Perancangan, extending all the way to Kg. Lobou-Timbua.



Navigating the rocky rivers, the team introduced us to rest spots, swimming zones, and spots for adventurous jumps and dives off the riverbanks! Did we take the plunge? Of course we did.


Getting to Know the Rivers 

We learned that there were a combination of four river routes: “Sungai Mokodou”, “Sungai Langganan”, “Sungai Moroli”, and “Sungai Sugut”. During the journey, our guide humorously mentioned the possibility of spotting an elephant taking a bath in the river. Much to our delight, we stumbled upon a white rock that looked just like an elephant! And as if that wasn’t enough, we also spotted rocks shaped like enormous crocodile tails!


Our adventure concluded after 4 hours of paddling due to the low river flow – a proper arm workout, to say the least! Was it worth it? Absolutely. If you’re up for the challenge of a long paddle, Ranau White Water Rafting is a must on your adventure list. Just make sure to coordinate with the Borneo Strider team to choose the best date for optimal rafting conditions and a smoother experience.


And before heading for this exciting watery-course, we suggest bringing the following items: a change of clothes, sunblock lotion, basic toiletries, insect repellent, straps for your glasses/sunglasses, and of course, a backpack to place all your belongings needed for this trip.


While preparing for your journey, it is also highly recommended that you should prioritise the right attire and footwear to match the occasion! So wear a swimsuit or sportswear and grab with you a pair of sandals or sport shoes.



White Water Rafting Itinerary, Rates & Packages 


Borneo Strider offers two categories of rafting packages: either beginner level or medium level (Grades 1-3). However, both packages have different programs laid out as they differ in terms of program duration, benefits, and facilities.


1) For Beginners [Easy Level]



RM150.00/adult | RM110.00/child




9:00 AM

– Arrive at the meeting point in Kg. Perancangan.

– Safety briefing and signing of the Liability Release form.

– Gear up for rafting.


9:30 AM

– Depart for the Starting Point.

– Rafting commences (the excursion takes about 1 hour to the ending point depending on water level).


11:30 AM

– Arrive at the end.

– Freshen up and transfer back to the Starting Point.

– Receive certificate.

This package includes:

  • Basic first aid
  • Certified River Guide and Insurance
  • Rafting gears (helmet, life jacket, paddle)
  • Certificate



  • Photography/video: RM80/group (available upon request)
  • Drone Recording: RM50/trip (available upon request)
  • Transportation to starting point

2) GRADE 1, 2 & 3* [Medium level]

*The age limit for children is 13 years old and above for medium-level.



1) Self-drive to starting point:

   – Foreigners: RM250.00/pax

   – Locals (Sabahan Only): RM200.00/pax


2) Pick-up from Ranau Town:

   – Additional RM50/pax (round trip).


3) Pick-up from Kundasang town/Kinabalu Park:

   – Additional RM70/pax (round trip).




9:00 AM

– Arrive at the starting point.

– Refreshments.

– Safety briefing & signing of Liability Release form.


10:00 AM

– Rafting commences.

– Excursion takes about 2 ½ hours to the ending point. (A distance of 25km)


12:30 PM

– Arrive at the ending point and transfer back to the starting point.

– Freshen up and get ready for buffet lunch.


1:30 PM

– Depart to your hotel/ next destination.


This package includes:

  • Certified White Water Rafting Equipment
  • White Water Rafting Certificate
  • Certified River Guide
  • Safety Kayaker (when necessary)
  • Video Services (available for a fee)
  • Photographer Service (available for a fee)
  • Lunch
  • Entrance Fees
  • Shower/Changing Facilities
  • Transfer from ending point to starting point


Important Things To Note: 

Participants must be fit and healthy as this tour is designed for adventure enthusiasts.


  • Please inform the staff if you have dietary requests, e.g. vegetarian.
  • You may purchase photos right after the tour. (Subject to availability)
  • Depart in the morning and afternoon.
  • Participants must have trimmed fingernails and toenails.
  • Jewelleries and valuable items are not allowed to be worn (or brought along) during activities.


For further info, please contact:

  1. Mr Razlee Lasiman (01112703235)

2) Mdm Ruby ( 01172786507)


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