Enjoy the Kaamatan festivity at home with Kadaiku


By Joanne Than


Celebrating Kaamatan week, we took a visit to Kadaiku and compiled our favourite local products to help make your Kaamatan a little more special this year!




What’s Kaamatan without a hint of shimmery handmade jewellery on your outfit to showcase your inner excitement for the festivity? The Litai necklaces are unique to the identity of Sabahan culture. It comes in variant colours and most importantly is handsewn by the talented Rungus women located in Northern side of Sabah, making it as authentic as it is. It is said the colour and pattern on the necklace determines one’s rank within the community. 


Another fashion accessories to add on to your #OOTD is the Kelarai clutch bag where it is also handmade and sewn by locals. The Kelarai material is usually used to weave mat patterns, but since then has evolved and used to make other materials such as the clutch bag itself. Adding traditional to modernity. 





It’s not only the ladies who are allowed to show off their stylish styles during Kaamatan, but men can too! Come and visit Kadaiku’s physical store in Sinsuran, as they have new arrivals of Sabah pattern neckties. Their unique neckties are adaptations of patterns from Sabah’s many culture. There are 4 different types of colours and patterns to choose from, such as the Vinusak, Tinahung, Binangkasangan and Tinika. These neckties can be perfect gifts for your loved ones on any occasions. 





As we safely stay at home during the current Covid-19 pandemic, here’s some home decorations you can use to beautify your house and add the Kaamatan vibe!


Weaving and crafting are one of the specialties among Sabah’s many tribes. Handicrafts were used for practical purposes during the olden times, and are made from various raw materials such as rattan and Kelarai where it is crafted into various everyday tools. Kadaiku owns a collection of local handmade coasters, boxes, Nyiru, Takinan, baskets, storage containers, hats and so on. You can use these handicrafts for any purpose including hanging them on walls, filling it up with some yummy treats or even as an interesting display in the living room.





One of a kind and unique, Kadaiku owns a collection of beautiful dolls dressed in traditional Kadazandusun costumes – each representing the different districts in Sabah. Collect these dolls with options of traditional dresses including the Kadazan Penampang, Dusun Lotud, Rungus, Dusun Tindal, Sea Bajau, Kadazan Papar, Bajau Sama, Murut Tagol and more. 



Celebrate Sabah’s culture and traditions by taking some time to explore and learn more about Sabah’s handicrafts during Kaamatan. Here’s our favourite book that is written by Jennifer P. Linggi called, “The Kampung Legacy: A Journal of Sabah’s Traditional Baskets” . The book contains information regarding Sabah’s traditional baskets and materials used by locals for the past decadesm, as well as the extinction of other traditional baskets. Fun fact! the author is also the director and curator of Sabah’s Art Gallery. 




Kaamatan would not be complete without us mentioning about Sabah’s iconic local rice wine: Lihing. A staple alcoholic beverage that can be found in many homes of the  Kadazandusun community, at local weddings, Kaamatan Festivals and other special occasions.


Originating from Penampang, the Lihing Nilyn is a traditional homemade & family-made rice wine packaged beautifully in a transparent bottle. Aside from drinking, you could also use it to add exciting flavours into your dish. The Lihing has other nutritional benefits too. Based from locals, consuming the Lihing during pregnancy will help with better blood circulation and stronger body metabolism. It also helps prevent them from being ill during their confinement period. 





Let’s add another exciting list that you could do before Kaamatan starts! Join Kadaiku’s “Rayamatan” Lucky Draw Campaign and stand a chance to win amazing prizes especially the “Grand prize” worth RM1000 and also amazing consolation prizes!


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Hello Sabah & Kadaiku would like to wish each and everyone a blessed Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan! Stay safe & take care!