Experience the Lotud Culture in Tuaran


The Traditional Lotud House is a bright gem found in the “pisuk-pisuk” (interior parts) of  Tuaran. Our team had no problem locating the place because driving there was not difficult at all. Salome, the owner, hopes to preserve and reminisce the traditions, culture, and costumes of the Suang Lotud of Tuaran District. To her, nothing is more important than remembering where your roots come from, a knowledge that is lacking in our generation today.

The Traditional Lotud House was built to invite people, to educate them about the unique Suang Lotud culture onabout their lifestyle, cuisine, history, and more.

The Traditional Lotud House was constructed mainly from mangroves trees, bamboo, nipah palm, and rattan. It consists of a veranda, kitchen and dining area, elevated sleeping and living area, and storage attic. It is said to replicate the houses in the spirit world of the Suang Lotud beliefs.

After a scrumptious lunch, (well some of us had two plates of rice), Salome brought us to the tree house that was built on the Pokok Tombinahaton, planted by her late parents almost 60 years ago. It has a beautiful setting with a hammock in the tiny room. You may choose to hide yourself in there swinging or have a rest at the veranda while enjoying a good view of the area. You can also arrange to have your meals there!

The Traditional Lotud House is not only a place to visit on a day trip, but also a place where you can spend a night at the kampung – to feel how it is to stay in the traditional house during the olden days.


  • Be a Dusun Lotud | Rent the Traditional Dusun Lotud attire and take pictures for remembrance.
  • Cater for private events such as company outings or a traditional Dusun Lotud wedding ceremony.

Address: Kampung Sawah, Jalan Bantayan Damat Sawah, 89208 Tuaran

Opening Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm (Tuesday to Sunday) | Closed on Mondays (except scheduled functions)

For bookings or enquiries:
T: 019 602 3211 (Salome) / 019 869 3871 (Florence)
E: sdemie63@yahoo.com
Facebook: The Traditional Lotud House and Tree House, Kg. Sawah, Tuaran