Food Deliveries In and Around Kota Kinabalu


by Azeera Az.

In the world of smartphones and social medias, everything now can be accomplished within a finger tap. With this social phenomena and also the busy schedules of #KKcity peeps, social media has changed the food delivery business into a lifestyle trendsetter. So we’ve gathered some of the must-try food deliveries in Kota Kinabalu, extending from the one-of-a-kind healthy home cooked food to heavenly desserts.

Madwoman by Sebrena

Owner: Seberena Sahriza Mohd Ismail
Facebook: @madwoman.kinabalu
Instagram: @sebrena
Contact No: 014 338 5922

There’s something about Sebrena’s sinful brownies formula that makes it addictive. What tempts you more for these guilty pleasures is the fact that the brownies are highly chocolate-rich but not painfully sweet, so you can keep craving for more after each bite. Best part of all? This self taught home-baker also creates other variety of yummy treats such as carrot cakes, butter cakes, caramel sauce, nuttybark or her delicious chocolate truffle. These addictive bites are a great hit especially during special occasions and events.

Price Range
RM 20 – RM 150 (Orders are place at least 1-2 days before date needed)

Linopot Delivery by Chanteek Borneo

Must Try! They specialises wholly on Linopot, pairing with 3 different types of traditional Kadazandusun side dishes.

Business Hour: Thursday only
Facebook: @linopotdelivery
Contact No: 088 792018
Whatsapp: 010 523 1623 (Rostinah) or 019 530 0018 (Anne) or 016 329 0018 (Hotline)

If you’re craving for some kampung home cook food, Linopot Delivery is the one to go to. It is a project by Chanteek Borneo which aims to promote kampung food and to help the local people in the community of Tamparuli. Staying true to the Kadazandusun culture, they maintain the true authenticity of their linopot by preparing it the traditional way – both taste and presentation wise.

Price Range
RM 12 per pack

Nyaaan Bento Delivery

Owner: Nurfaizah Hanum Mohd Yunus
Business Hour: Weekends & Public Holiday only
Whatsapp: 014 672 3351
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Line: @nyaaancafe

Nothing would fill up your day by looking at these pretty lunch packs! One even wonders if they could devour such meticulous artwork. Aesthetically pleasing, and also reasonably priced! There’s also a variety of menus to choose from, categorized by rice meals and sandwiches. And yes! Even the sandwiches are too cute to eat! Nyaaan Bento Delivery also provides children’s meal, which no doubt would cheer up the appetite of picky eaters.

Price Range
RM3.50 – RM7.80 (excluding delivery charges)

Food Truck KK @ No 78 Signal Hill

Owner: Bell
Business Hour: Delivery 5pm – 11pm (except Sundays)
Whatsapp: +6 014 672 3351
FB: @KKfoodtruck
Location: No. 78, Jalan Bukit Bendera, Signal Hill, Kota Kinabalu. (Opens everyday, 5pm – 11pm)

Operating for almost 5 years, Bell’s Burger was one of the first food trucks in Kota Kinabalu. And luck was on our side when we found that Food Truck KK also provides food delivery services. Not only are the prices affordable, but they were also generous with their serving portions. Big bonus for foodies! We recommend food lovers to try their signature dish which is their Dinosaur Plate that consists of 3 beef burgers, mix grilled lamb chop, and grilled chicken.

Price Range
RM 6 – RM 45Must Try!



Facebook & Instagram: @dapurnyacinta

Quenching the cravings of both Indonesian and Western homemade food lovers, this husband and wife business managed to create flavorful dishes that excites one’s palate. What makes them extra special is that their homemade meals are made with healthy ingredients, catering especially for those who are concern with their healthy eating habits. Managing to sustain both the quality of taste and nutrition for their customer, dapurnyacinta is certainly one of the go-to food delivery services suitable for anyone.

Price Range
RM 9 – RM 35