Fun in the Sun: Explore Sabah’s diverse islands

Fun In The Sun

Enjoy a day of fun in the sun as you explore Sabah’s diverse islands! 🌞


What could be more enjoyable than spending a day browsing and admiring other people’s fun and happy moments, pictures, or videos on social media?

It’s to have the same hands-on experience yourself and create memorable memories that can’t be forgotten.


Sabah is a beautiful place full of natural wonders. You can hop on a speedy boat and reach any of the islands in no time.


TAR Park, also known as Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, is made up of four different islands: Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, and Pulau Mamutik, all of which are popular with both locals and tourists.

These islands are famous and unique in their own ways where each of their names has its own symbolic meaning due to their history. 


Fun Fact!

Pulau Gaya means “big” , Manukan means “fish”

Mamutik means “for shell collection” 

Sapi was named after “a buffalo”


Aside from its symbolic meaning of names, TAR Park provides various fun activities for people to enjoy such as snorkeling, clear kayaking and diving are their main water sport activities for people to go to and have fun especially for those water sport enthusiasts. 


Explore Sabah Islands via Stand Up Paddling


Stand up paddling board (S.U.P) activities is one of the rising water sport activities to take place especially in Tanjung Aru Beach, where people can paddle their way around the seashore on the board. 



Ever heard of the floating coral bar?

Have a sip of your favourite beverage at the tip of an island. 🍹

And be surrounded by the abundant view of the ocean and the sound of waves passing by.

The floating coral bar is situated at the Tun Mustapha Marine Park nearby Malubang village, Pitas.

Pantai Dalit in Tuaran, Kelampunian Beach in Kudat and Tempurung Beach in Kuala Penyu as well, where they are all located in the rural area with the same uniqueness that TAR park provides and its activities. 



The long list goes on when it comes to describing the beauty of beaches and islands in Sabah.

It is indescribable how Sabahans are so fortunate to have such places to exist in. And to be able to experience them is a different story entirely.


As Sabah gradually opens up to tourism activities, you may now start planning a trip away from the city!

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