Go on a Safari Cruise in Tuaran

SMB Girls Weston Wildlife Tours Crew

by Rita J.

If you are planning to visit Sabah and want to experience the natural habitat of Proboscis Monkeys and glowing fireflies, then you should not miss out on the River Safari Cruise at Weston Wildlife Tours!

In the centre of the mangrove jungle of Weston, Beaufort is a haven for the Borneo Proboscis Monkeys. It is where you can observe Borneo’s Indigenous Proboscis Monkeys in their natural habitat sitting on top of the mangrove trees.

Weston is famous for its wildlife and history. It is located in the district of Beaufort. Weston was once an important railway station and seaport for the North Borneo Company during the late 1800s. Most of the produces from the interior was transported to Weston, where big sail ships and train would come and carry these goods to other parts of the world. The Weston River used to be called the “Jump-Jump” River. The British government later on abandoned Weston port when they learnt that the shallow water of Weston was unfit as a deep sea wharf.

We departed Kota Kinabalu city for a two-hour journey to Weston, Beaufort. About less than one kilometer from Weston town , you will see a Chinese temple on your left. After the temple, turn left, and you will see a Jalan Lubok signboard.  After about four kilometers, you will reach the humble Weston Wildlife Lodge.

Our guide of  the day was Mr Samson Shak, a very knowledgeable man, and also the  owner of the Weston Wildlife Tours. The private jetty from the lodge leads out on a man-made river to the main river from the  lodge. One of the main primates in the area is the Proboscis Monkey, known for their distinct feature that separates it from all other species. The remarkable males sport a big dangling nose with reddish flat top hairstyles, white tails and pot bellies. The females on the other hand are much smaller and have upturned noses. We were lucky to get the chance to see a few families in separate areas along the cruise. Besides having the opportunity to see proboscis monkeys in the wild, we also had the chance to see a variety of birds like eagles and kingfishers.

After an hour of the cruise, we were led to witness a beautiful sunset across the Weston River. We were lucky enough to catch a beautiful rainbow across the skies.  After sunset, our cruise continued with the magical fireflies or as the locals call it, “kelip-kelip”. This was one of the many experiences that can only be viewed with the naked eye. Modern cameras or smartphones simply cannot capture moments like these. The magnificent view  of thousands of fireflies surrounding the mangrove trees along the river was complemented by the clear starry night sky.

After the cruise, we headed  back to the lodge back for dinner. They served an array of  local cuisines for a buffet dinner before we headed home to Kota Kinabalu.

Weston Wildlife Tours promote eco-tourism. The Weston Wildlife Lodge can accommodate up to 80 pax. Guests will be able to enjoy the environment and nature in comfort. There is also a private jetty and ample of parking space next to the restaurant. They offer you unspoiled corners of the world that boast a wealth of rare wildlife.

Recommended items to bring:

  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Long pants
  • Raincoat
  • Shoes
  • Cap
  • Binoculars
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Insect repellent

*Weston Wildlife Tours Sdn Bhd reserves the right to alter routes, timetables itineraries & accommodation reserved should conditions beyond our control render if necessary.


For more information:

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