By Glory Roslily


The beauty of having a best friend or “bestie”, as a lifelong pal or bosom friend who stands by us through thick and thin, makes every moment more meaningful in our life. If you want to surprise them with a gift to show your love and appreciation, what should you get and where?


We’ve got you covered! Treat your bestie to something thoughtful and sweet with Kadaiku’s wide selection of gifts. Here are some of the best gift ideas available.



If your bestie loves reading, especially about history and anything related to Sabah, books could be the perfect gift! Why books, you ask? Gifting books is a thoughtful gesture that shows our appreciation for their interests and growth. Moreover, books also have the power to inspire, educate, and entertain, making them a meaningful and lasting gift.


Interest your bestie with tastes in adventures, tales and history. Here we picked 3 Books  namely: Blood Brothers, Land Below The Wind, White Man Returns. These books are an excellent choice for bookworms eager to know a bit of interesting history about Sabah. In fact, all these stories are based on true events!



A tote bag

A tote bag is another great gift for your bestie who has plenty to carry. This tote bag features a design filled with doodles of local and must-try foods in Sabah, adding a colorful and creative touch to their style. It’s not just practical but also a unique way to celebrate Sabahan culture, making it a perfect blend of functionality and personality. For foodies, this one’s for you! 


Or, maybe going for a cute and simple orangutan tote bag is the way to go. The orangutan tote bag is not only a functional accessory, but perfect for those who loves our wildlife. Whether your bestie is an animal lover or simply appreciates colourful designs, this tote bag is the perfect combination of style and purpose. 




Here’s another one for our animal lover! Getting your bestie a set of beautiful wildlife mugs would be one of the unique gifts as just maybe, by looking at these you are reminded of our iconic wildlife in Sabah. These mugs are sure to add a playful touch to their daily routine and make every sip a little more enjoyable. They are guaranteed to bring a smile!




Don’t forget, we girls love pampering ourselves with accessories! Accessorize and style up your bestie’s look with these locally handmade beaded clips. Not only are small and easy to carry, they’re also super cute and on-trend with a mix of Sabah’s cultural vibes.



Gemstone Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings. 

Aside from cute clips, why not pair it with some necklaces, bracelets, or even some earrings? These pieces of jewelry are timeless symbols of friendship and affection. Crafted from Borneo gemstones, these gifts become even more special and unique. These Borneo gemstone pieces add an exotic touch to the jewelry, making them special keepsakes your bestie can cherish. Additionally, exchanging jewelry honours traditions in many cultures, symbolizing connection, loyalty, and the enduring nature of your friendship.



Scented Soaps

Scented soaps make an excellent gift for your best friend because each use can provide a moment of relaxation and self-care, transforming an ordinary routine into a spa-like experience. 


With a variety of fragrances to choose from, you can find one that perfectly matches their personality or reminds them of a special memory you share. Moreover, since these scented soaps are neatly packed, they make a visually pleasing gift.




Giving chocolates to your best friend as a gift is a wonderful idea for several reasons.Chocolates are the perfect go-to treat whether it’s a celebration or a simple gesture of appreciation, chocolates are suitable for any occasion. Moreover, not only do chocolates contain compounds that can boost mood and make the recipient feel happier, but it is also a versatile gift that comes in many flavours and types to match your bestie’s preferences.


Like the selections above? Head to Kadaiku now to discover the perfect gifts for your besties! Whether you want the gifts wrapped and packaged neatly, Kadaiku gladly provides these services.


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