Kota Kinabalu City’s Lampoopalooza!


Lights are ON at the historical Gaya Street (formerly known as Bond Street), Kota Kinabalu with a new show and installation of coloured lights around the Sabah Tourism Board building, celebrating its 101 years old on 5th April 2019. The building will also be celebrated with music, food and a street party. The highlight of the event is to mark as KK City’s largest outdoor projection on a building.

So, mark your calendar and bring your family and friends for this exclusive event of the year! Come and gather at the location where the Governor from the British North Borneo Chartered Company A.C. Pearson officiated this building exactly one hundred and one years ago in Jesselton.

About the building

During the colonial government, the building was first occupied in 1918 by the Government Printing Department when completed, but later renovated in 1936 to house the Treasury, Audit Office, a bank and the Post Office until 1986. In fact, we fondly know this building as the Old Post Office, and the State Government officially gazetted it as a Historical Building in 1988.

The building underwent restoration in 1989 and it was officiated open on 19th January 1991, to house the Sabah Tourism Promotion Board, now the STB Office. On 16 th March 2011, the Kilometre Zero or KM0 was set and planted by the Royal Institute of Surveyors, Sabah at a spot in front of the STB building, to mark it as the starting measuring point of all the places in Sabah.

The STB building was one of the buildings that were fortunate enough not to be destroyed during the Second World War, by the allied bombing in the Jesselton then. It is now one of the only three buildings in Kota Kinabalu gazetted for conservation and heritage. The other two buildings are the Atkinson Clock Tower and the Lands and Survey Department building, which were later converted to the Department of the Social Welfare that was destroyed by fire in the morning of 31 st Dec 1992.


For further info:

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