Lost in Adventure At Pitas Floating Coral Bar



Ready to take your island adventure in Sabah to the next level? Pitas Floating Coral Bar is a luxurious, Caribbean-like paradise in the middle of the sea and home to shallow-water corals and crystal clear waters!


What To Expect At Pitas Floating Coral Bar?

Nestled in Tun Mustapha Marine Park, just a stone’s throw away from Supirak Island and Malubang village, lies Pitas Floating Coral Bar. This small, yet ethereal island stretches over a kilometer and is made up of millions of ancient coral skeletons.


Such corals are few decades old and are formed by the intecraction of northwest winds and the Sulu Sea current. As a mesmersing outcome, a breathtaking trail of corals emerges during low tides. 


Visitors can enjoy snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing and strolling down the trail of corals. Rest assured that proper footwear will be provided to protect both your feet and the little underwater buddies!


How To Get To Pitas Floating Coral Bar?

  • Via Malubang village jetty, Pitas

    To get to Malubang village from Pitas township, the journey takes about an hour and a half by road. Once you arrive at the jetty at Malubang village, the boatmen will take you on a 10-minute boat ride to Pitas Floating Coral Bar. 

Boarding a boat ride from Malubang village jetty to Pitas Floating Coral Bar

  • Via Marina Jetty Kudat

    Alternatively, you can travel from Marina Jetty Kudat which takes 30 to 40 minutes to Pitas Floating Coral Bar. This route is specifically for visitors in Kudat or those who prefer not to travel by road to Malubang.

Activities To Enjoy At Pitas Floating Coral Bar

1. Breakfast And Lunch Freshly Prepared By Malubang Villagers 

Start your day with a light breakfast, followed by a delicious buffet lunch at noon. And if the tides are higher than usual, soak your feet in the sea while indulging in the mouthwatering food prepared by the local community of Malubang village.



For breakfast, we had fried noodles and fresh seafood for lunch including crabs, shrimps, fish, vegetables, chicken wings and delicious mango pudding for dessert!


In case of heavy rain, enjoy your meal in comfort at the sheltered dining area while still being enchanted by the soothing sounds of the waves and the majestic sea view.


Sea view at Pitas Floating Coral Bar


Some might ask, “why prepare the food on land and not on-property?” As Pitas Floating Coral Bar prioritises sustainability and environmental cleanliness, food is prepared on land to maintain their eco-friendly commitment. That said, any remains of waste are brought back and disposed properly on land. 


2. Discover The Treasures Of The Sea

After a nice meal, put on those lifejackets and snorkeling equipment and get ready for some splashing fun! 


Snorkeling at Pitas Floating Coral Bar


For your safety, one of the island crew will be your snorkeling guide and will conduct a short safety briefing before you jump into the water. As you snorkel, you will need to hold on to a safety rope attached to a lifebuoy. This is to ensure you are within the safe perimeters of the island and not get swept away by the sea currents.


Throughout our snorkeling session, we saw a myriad of underwater creatures including pink and blue corals, starfishes, various reef fish including Nemo the clownfish and Dory, the Blue Tang! 



3. Canoeing 

Pick a partner to canoe with and hop into their two-seater transparent canoes. If you’re feeling competitive, challenge your other friends to see who rows the fastest! Test your teamwork skills and make fun memories as you go. 🙂 


4. Floating Coral Walk 

Have your main character moment as you walk along the corals and admire the view around you. Release your tension and pose for pictures amidst the beautiful backdrop of the sea and the sky.

Zenful Facilities 

For that perfect, glowing tan, relax on one of the sun loungers on the two-storey gazebos on dock. There are also two swings for visitors to enjoy as well as changing rooms with portable toilets and two large jugs of freshwater on either side of the changing rooms. 


Best Times To Visit Pitas Floating Coral Bar

To help you plan the best time to visit, you can refer to the schedule below:


Do bear in mind that the schedule is also subject to changes in the weather condition.

Floating Coral Bar Tour Packages And Rates:

The package is inclusive of breakfast, lunch, return boat transfers and activities including snorkelling, SUP, canoeing, and floating coral walk.  However, the rates depend on the location of your exit.

  • Via Malubang jetty village, Pitas:
    – RM198 per adult (locals only) for 12 years old and above
    – 25% discount from adult rate for children aged between 6 to 11 years old
    – Free of charge for children 5 years old and below


  • Via Marina Jetty Kudat:
    – RM330 per adult for 12 years and above
    – 25% discount from adult rate for children aged between 6 to 11 years old
    – Free of charge for children 5 years old and below

Archangel Borneo Holidays 

Led by the enterprising Mr. Victor Tan, Archangel Borneo Holidays operates Pitas Floating Coral Bar which opened its doors to the public on 19 April 2019. In terms of cooperation and support, Archangel Borneo Holidays works closely with Sabah Parks, WWF and the local Malubang community to boost local income and community development. 


On top of that, for every entry fee paid, RM5 from each head is donated to the local community to support their business. For now, Pitas Floating Coral Bar is only open for day trips and limited to 80 visitors per visit. 


For future plans, Pitas Floating Coral Bar is looking into expanding their deck to sell souvenirs and to start a coral planting activity. To stay tuned for more, be sure to follow Pitas Floating Coral Bar on their social media platforms or give them a call today! 


Phone number: 014 9932788 (Linah) or 019 8954248 (Diana)
Facebook | Instagram | Email: abhs.operation@gmail.com or abhs.sales@gmail.com