Mari-Mari Take a Trip to a Cultural Village in Sabah


By Rita J

Interested to get to know more about the local cultures in Sabah?  Mari-Mari Cultural Village is definitely the place to go!

Located at Inanam, 30 minutes from the city centre, Mari-Mari Cultural Village showcases five main ethnic groups in Sabah  – Dusun, Rungus, Lundayeh, Bajau, and Murut. Visitors will be led by a guide, with the opportunity to visit all the traditional houses and learn a little of their daily lives along the way.

As you enter the village, you will first visit the Dusun house. Here, you will gain knowledge as they brief you on the tools or items that were used during the old days as well as the materials of the house itself. Upon reaching the exit through the back door, you will enter a hut that is specialized for bamboo cooking and Montoku (distilled rice wine) processing.

Tingaton set by the Dusun

Famous for their longhouse and beads making, the Rungus tribe will awe you with the creativity of the olden people in starting a fire without the need of matches/lighters. The Rungus Longhouse known as Vinataang in local language and is known for the  many rooms inside one house.

As you reach the third house, you will be amazed on how the Lundayeh community who will  show you how they produced ropes, vests, floors, and walls in the olden days using tree barks.

The Lundayeh’s couple in costume

As you proceed to  the Bajau house , you will get to watch the locals prepare Kuih Jala (local cake) and Pandan juice. Inside, you will see countless of colourful ancestral antiques. A decorative bridal parlour is placed at one corner for your photo-taking enjoyment.

Kuih Jala in the making.

The Murut Longhouse which belongs to the headhunters’ of Borneo is the fifth house you will visit. You will be greeted by the Chief and go through a customary welcome ceremony. Upon entering the front yard, you will see a blowpipe demonstration and get the chance to try it out yourself before you enter the house. Inside, there is a built-in Lansaran where they will show you how to jump on it to reach for the ‘prize’. On another corner, you will see the old tools they used to make  body tattoos.

At the end of the tour, you will be entertained by the cultural dances at the performance hall. You may try it as well especially the Magunatip (bamboo dance). Beware of your feet!

Rungus Mongigol Dance

This tour is suitable for children aged five years old and above. It is a great and fun way to introduce them to the local culture and traditions of Sabah.

Address: Kionsom, inanam, 88450, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

T: +6 013 881 4921

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