Meet the Fruitarians who love Durians in Sabah!

Group photo with with Simon Beun and Justyna Stolklosa

In January, we had the chance to meet up with Simon Beun and Justyna Stolklosa, who are fondly known as @fit_shortie_eats on Instagram and YouTube.

Hailing from Belgium and Poland, the duo travelled across Southeast Asia for over two years in search of quality tropical fruits since adopting the fruitarianism way of life. “Borneo has the best and rarest fruits. That is why we want to return next year to explore Sabah for a month”, said Simon and Justyna.

Simon Beun and Justyna Stolklosa

Simon and Justyna’s first trip to Sabah was in October 2017. Sadly it was not the fruit season yet, so they left for the Philippines. This trip, they came back curious and hungry! With the help of the local people, their durian hunting experiences were amazing. Many of which brought the couple to explore local farms and more.

Among all our tropical fruits, Durian is their favourite. The rarest durians they found during their travels in Sabah, Sarawak, and Kalimantan are: Durio testudinarius (locally known as Durian Kura-Kura) and Durio dulcis (locally known as Durian Api).


FUN FACT: The couple also said they could consume between 15 and 30 durians a day depending on the type.

Fruitarian-For-A-Day Challenge
On 1 February, 11 #SabahChats followers on Twitter pledged to be a fruitarian for a day, but only . Let us find out their experience!

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“I had banana for breakfast, but my mind keeps thinking of fried chicken. How lah this? My mind wasn’t set for #FruitarianChallenge probably could work if the process was done gradually and not on my training days. It was definitely a struggle.” – Massy マツシ一 @maslight
(lasted until 7:00pm)

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“I got to know that we should eat the fruits like a meal, not as dessert. Eat enough to fulfil your daily cals. Durian, tarap and ‘heavy’. Start with the fruit u like most. We are lucky we have beautiful fruits for this kind of diet. Can be #fruitarian for 1 meal also can bah.” – Hana H @hanasuebanana

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“I’m glad I took part in this challenge. Why? Because, why not? It was something new for me. When was the last time I tried something new? Can’t recall. But I wouldn’t do this #FruitarianChallenge again. Too much sugar, I felt dizzy. Haha.” – SMA @ShrrmcL
(lasted until 8:30pm)

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“I’ve tried to consume fruits only for my diet a few years ago. At that time, it wasn’t a problem. However, this recent challenge makes my tummy was growling at all time and was distracted when the rest on the twitter chat were talking about how they miss having KFC! Then I ask myself, “why…”. Glad we have done this!” – Chloe Tiffany Lee @chloetiffanylee

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“Probably the most challenging thing I went through for 2018, didn’t last a day, but I definitely would try again. My eczema didn’t itch the whole day and I detoxed immediately. Setting myself a goal to do it on a weekly basis now.” – Faizatul Sham @fai93

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“It was fun but I still prefer balance diet (refer food pyramid). During the #fruitarianchallenge I can really feel my body reaction totally ‘unhappy’ as receiving only vitamins and sugar as food. 1 or 2 days is good but not for long term lifestyle.” – fatim abdulrahman @fatim308