Melangkap Tiong Village, Kota Belud

Melangkap Tiong Village

If you’re around Kota Belud, take a stop at Melangkap Tiong Village in Kadamaian and have a natural spa experience at the unspoilt Paramat River.


What type of spa are we talking about? Fish spa, of course!


Fish spas, or known as fish ‘tagal’, are one of the popular tourism products in Sabah, known for its healing massage activities and to preserve the environment.


But if fish spa is not your interest, you can also take a dip in the river and enjoy the scenery of Kota Belud!


The area is also suitable for family picnic and recreational activities, and includes facilities such as toilets, changing room and homestay too!

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Kota Belud has a variety of activities you can enjoy.

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