Mother’s Day Saviors: Quick Picks from Kadaiku!


By Glory Roslily


Uh-oh! You’ve just peeked at the calendar and guess what? Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Cue the panic about what to do this weekend!


Moms deserve our love and appreciation every day, not just on special occasions. But if you’re celebrating and still looking for a gift, we’ve got you covered!


Take a peek at Kadaiku—we’ve handpicked some special gifts perfect for moms who adore natural, organic, and hand-woven items. Made in Sabah, these gifts are designed to match any mom’s taste perfectly.

Beaded Beauties: Handwoven Jewelry

These chic beaded jewellery pieces are crafted by Rungus women from Kudat, northern of Sabah. The “Pinakol” or necklace, accompanied by the beaded bracelets and earrings, showcases the intricate patterns inspired by Sabah’s diverse beauty and traditional ethnic motifs. If mom needs a place to keep her jewellery or small ornaments safe, the Rinago-Tinompok offers a handy solution.

  • Necklace (Pinakol): RM60 each
  • Bracelet: RM9 each
  • Earrings: RM25 each
  • Rinago-Tinompok: RM50 each


Tote Bags, Pandan Purses, and Hand Fans

Why stop at jewellery? Let’s talk bags and purses! We all know mums love to tote around their stuff, no matter where they go. Check out Kadaiku’s Batik Motif Tote Bag – it’s got the cultural vibes with a splash of vibrant colour, perfect for rocking practicality and style at any occasion!


Add a Pandan Purse, woven from natural materials, for that extra Sabah charm to any wardrobe.


Don’t forget a Batik Hand Fan! With today’s scorching weather, mums always keep one in their bag. They know that staying cool can make all the difference on hectic, humid days. It’s a small item that’ll bring big reliefs!


  • Batik Motif Tote Bag: RM130 each
  • Pandan Purse: RM30 each
  • Sabah Batik Fan: RM6.90 each


Mom’s Youthful Glow Essentials


You know that saying about age being just a number? Well, for moms, skincare is their secret weapon! They’re all about keeping that youthful glow. And here’s a few we’d recommend for her to try!


The Oupus Organics Revitalizing Facial Oil is packed with potent antioxidants that help combat free radicals and environmental stressors, which can accelerate signs of aging. It provides a natural shield against daily aggressors, promoting a more youthful and radiant appearance.


Next, would be the Vivify Moisturising Bird’s Nest Facial Cleanser.  A 100% organic product made from Bird’s Nest, Soursop and Sabah’s Medicinal plants. This product contains vitamins A, B, and C, as well as alkaloids, anti-oxidants, and acetogenins, which also boost collagen production.


Additionally, LoveLusie’s Lemon Calendula Facial Scrub effectively exfoliates to smooth out dry and rough skin. Therefore, do keep these products in mind!


  • Oupus Organics Revitalizing Facial Oil: RM30 each
  • Vivify Moisturizing Bird’s Nest Facial Cleanser: RM21 each
  • Lovelusie Lemon Calendula Facial Scrub: RM41 each


Local Food & Beverages

For coffee-loving moms, what’s better than kicking off their day with a delicious cup of Crack Inc’s Coffee? The Crack Inc’s Borneo Coffee Roastery comes with an adventure set, inclusive of a free mug and their 3 complementary drip bag coffee sachets.


These drip bag coffee sachets appears in a variety of ingredients infused with different flavours to name a few: Magic Grounds, Purple Dreams and Oasis Blend. Moms will be over the moon with all these choices! Oh, and don’t forget to grab a box of chocolates while you’re at it.


The Famles Dark Chocolate is a great option for mothers who fancy a less sweeter option to their diet. Here’s a fun fact: Famles is a local family-run chocolate maker on a mission to create the finest chocolate treats, like their Kinabalu Handmade Dark Chocolate, using top-notch ingredients. Dark chocolates not only provide anti-oxidant benefits but also release endorphins and stimulate serotonin, which occur naturally in the brain, helping to improve one’s mood and feel happy.


If she’s into healthier flavours, Xenia Herbal Oven-Dried Lemons provides homemade natural oven-dried herbs for everyone to enjoy. Oven-dried Lemons especially acts as a versatile ingredient that adds a fresh and zesty flavour to dishes, great for snacking or even decorating desserts. It’s also a healthy option that can elevate the taste of salads and teas! Moreover, oven-dried lemons  greatly increases metabolism, known for their high content of Vitamin C it frequently helps in detoxifying the body while also burning fat around the tummy area.
  • Crack inc, Borneo Coffee Roastery Adventure Set: RM120 each
  • Famles Dark Chocolate: RM24 each
  • Xenia Herbal Oven Dried Lemons: RM20 each


Hurry over to Kadaiku and grab these gifts! If you’re pressed for time, find their contact details here. They’ve got loads of other gift options too, and they’ll even wrap them up nicely for you.

May these gifts serve as reminders of how much we appreciate and treasure the mothers who have shaped our world with their unconditional love and selflessness. Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!