Ocean36: Malaysia’s Longest Aquarium In A Restaurant 🐟


    By Glory Roslily 


    Come and experience Ocean36 Restaurant, where you can enjoy mouthwatering dishes while admiring breathtaking aquatic views. Hello Sabah team recently had the pleasure of dining at Sabah’s very first ocean-themed restaurant located in Penampang. The restaurant is owned by Chris Woo and managed by Mr. Tang, and they welcome everyone with an empty stomach to dine!


    With a diverse menu that offers both international and local cuisines, and surrounded by a captivating array of marine life, the restaurant provides a calm yet dynamic atmosphere that ensures customers’ satisfaction. 😊


    Ocean36 Awards

    Did you know that Ocean36 has been listed in The Malaysia Book Of Records for having the longest aquarium in a restaurant? The aquarium is an astounding 40 feet long!



    Inspiration Behind Ocean36

    Ocean36 restaurant’s dreamy blue underwater-paradise ambience was inspired by the owner’s visit to Aquaria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur. He noticed that Sabah did not have a similar attraction, so he took the initiative to create a miniature version of Aquaria KLCC and incorporate the marine life elements into Ocean36. As a result, Ocean36 came to life and bloomed into reality.


    Our team was guided by Mr. Lek into Ocean36, where we were greeted by a stunning blue walkway surrounded by marine fishes dancing in huge tanks. Gazing in awe for its aesthetic interior designs, the ceiling also presents the illusion of fishes swimming spirally, an allusion to match the deep and mysterious blue sea.


    This wonderful craftmanship doesn’t just end as Ocean36 also showcases a mesmerizing array of paintings that depicts the aquatic life on their walls. The tanks were also filled with a plethora of fish, illuminated by blue-LED lighting beneath the flooring. It was truly a sight to behold!


    You may wonder if keeping fishes in tanks affects their health. However, Ocean36 ensures their fishes’ health by maintaining cold temperatures with their air-conditioning system.


    Why The Number 36?

    Well, it happens to be the owner’s lucky number. ✨


    Opening of Ocean36

    Ocean36 launched its operations in 2021 amidst the pandemic, providing solely take-out services. With the pandemic having gradually subsided, the restaurant now offers customers to dine-in. Furthermore, the restaurant itself is strategically structured into three regions, each area is inspired by famous oceans: Pacific, Southern, and Atlantic Ocean.


    Customers are in for a treat as the restaurant includes its own share of delectable cuisines ranging from Western and Asian fusion cuisine that consists of Japanese, Malay & Chinese menus. For our Muslim brothers and sisters, not to worry- as this place does not serve pork.


    Ocean36 restaurant aims to attract more tourists and families with children to enjoy its unique ambiance and overall experience.


    Additionally, Ocean36 offers a membership program that includes member pricing on selected items, cash vouchers, super saver meals and more. The restaurant also has a special room reserved for private functions or events that can accommodate up to 45 guests.

    Exciting Menu!

    Now let’s get to the good part! We were lucky enough to try several Asian-fusion dishes, including Nasi Tumpang, Nasi Campur, Tuhau Fried Rice (recently launched on 15 April 2024), Oxtail, Mee Rojak, and chicken Satay.


    Every dish was a masterpiece – not only did they look stunning, but they tasted even better. We were impressed by the high quality of the ingredients used. Overall, it was a truly satisfying experience that we highly recommend.

    Chef’s Background: Meet Chef Frienddy

    It’s no surprise that the dishes were so delicious, as they were prepared by the talented Chef Frienddy. Chef Frienddy discovered his passion for cooking at the young age of 12, inspired by renowned Chef Wan.


    Over time, he pursued his culinary education at Ascot Academy, and gained experience in various hotels and resorts throughout Malaysia. With 6 years of experience in the F&B industry, Chef Frienddy returned to Sabah after working in Johor, where he honed his skills in preparing Japanese food at a ramen restaurant.


    Mr. Tang, manager of Ocean 36 Restaurant (left) with Chef Frienddy (right)


    He hopes to introduce more local food in the future to promote Sabahan cuisine, since the current menu consists of 50% Western food and the remaining dishes are a fusion of Asian-influenced cuisine.


    Ocean36 Opening Hours

    Excited to visit Ocean36 restaurant? Their opening hours are from Monday to Sunday, 11:00 am to 11:30 pm.


    P/s: Each table has its very own QR code to learn about the vibrant coral fishes.


    So what are you waiting for? Head to Ocean36 Restaurant now, where your underwater companions are waiting to greet you!


    Contact no: +60 16 810 2221 (Ocean36 Business Account)

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