Pillars of Sabah x WWF Malaysia in Sabah


Pillars of Sabah is back with a splash of new colours and a new tropical vibe!

For the second edition, Pillars of Sabah collaborated with WWF-Malaysia to produce artworks highlighting environmental awareness, especially the endangered species in Sabah. Featured animals include the Sunda pangolin (Manis javanica), Sumatran rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis), Bornean sun bear (Helarctos malayanus euryspilus), as well as Borneo pygmy elephant (Elephas maximus borneensis).

Launched during WWF-Malaysia’s annual Earth Hour event on March 30 2019, the organisers and 30 Sabahan artists hope to achieve maximum impact in delivering a united message to the local and global community.

List of Artists and Artwork:

  1. Crystal Chin – Borneon Bay Cat
  2. Issarezal – Black Headed Pitta
  3. Nicole Fung – Hose’s palm civet
  4. Roderick – Whale shark
  5. Oliver Kah Adam – Gibbon
  6. Arthur – Hornbills
  7. Joanne Tang – Corals
  8. Jessieca – Banteng
  9. Alvin Chung – Orang Utan
  10. Alicesia – Irrawaddy Dolphine
  11. Iffah – Horseshoe crab
  12. David Koo – Sunbear
  13. Nicole Lim – Manta Rays
  14. Lim Chen Ching – Proboscis Monkey
  15. Tressie – Bulwer’s Pheasant
  16. Firdaus Teo – Tarsier
  17. Aurora – Pelagic Thresher
  18. Joanne Chin – Slow Loris
  19. Kah Yee – Binturong
  20. Monica – Sumatran Rhinos
  21. Cassidy – Borneon Flat Headed Cat
  22. Katie – Hawksbill sea turtle
  23. Chum – Dugong
  24. Mohd Nazim – Clouded Leopard
  25. Muazzam – Borneon Crestless Fireback
  26. Freandy – Wild boar
  27. Phikcheart – Bornean Bristlehead
  28. Rosemary – Pygmy elephants
  29. Clarissa Oatrick Balinu – Pangolin
  30. Mastini – Green Turtle

The Pillars of Sabah community art project was established with the aim to bring together the Kota Kinabalu community through art, and in the process highlight issues relevant to Sabah. Involving only artists from the Sabahan community, the project would also serve as a vital platform for these artists who may not otherwise have any opportunity for exhibition.

Since the first launch in September 2018, the project has been well-received, creating a new, popular places of interest in the city for locals and tourists. Not only has it succeeded in positively transforming a long-neglected site within central Kota Kinabalu, but it has also inspired the community towards a sense of active appreciation for art and its message.

Pillars of Sabah is supported by Sabah Art Gallery under Sabah Cultural Board, Sabah Tourism Board, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment Sabah, and Nippon Paint (Sabah).


E: Pillarsofsabah@gmail.com

Facebook: Pillars of Sabah/ SABAH ART Gallery

Instagram: @pillarsofsabah/ @sabahartgallery