See a ‘Village’ of Rabbits in Kundasang


Are you a bunny lover? Do you love to be surrounded by lots of bunnies?
“Arnab” means rabbit in the Malay language. As the first Arnab Village in Sabah, the farm offers tourists and guests with more than 400 rabbits to cuddle! There are quite a number of local and imported species ready to compete for your attention for cuddles. The best thing is, you will be a bunny rockstar with your “fans” surrounding you… as long as you have rabbit food in your hands! (Unfortunately, once your food runs out, so will the bunnies!)

There is also a guinea pig house inside the park. These small rodents are a bit shy at first but will come out once they’re comfortable with their surrounding.

Arnab Village is only 15 minutes away from Kundasang town and five minutes away from Ranau town. If you’re driving, just follow the signs and turn left at Jalan Kibaas.

The ticket prices are RM3 for adult and RM2 for children. We suggest to get the food first before you enter the farm. You can buy the rabbit’s food at the counter for RM1. There is also souvenir shop and food stalls just in case you are thirsty or hungry from chasing the rabbits.

TIP: Please wear suitable footwear because most of the ground can be quite slippery.
Opening hours: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Address: Kg. Purakagis, Ranau, Sabah, 89308 Malaysia
T: +60 10 955 0019
[Facebook]: Arnab Village Ranau