Taburan Beach Camp: Nature’s Playground in Kota Belud


    By Glory Roslily


    Are you searching for fun things to do while soaking up the sun by the beach and enjoying the calmness of the river at the same time? Welcome to Taburan Beach Camp, Kota Belud – where the waves set the tone for adventure and relaxation!


    “An Adventure, You Say? Tell Us More!”

    Have you heard about Outreach Borneo’s newest gem in Kota Belud? It’s called Taburan Beach Camp, and it’s the perfect blend of river serenity and beach vibes. Debuted on 20 January 2024, this 5-hectare paradise welcomes you every day – whether you’re dropping by spontaneously or book ahead.


    Hello Sabah team had the privilege of checking out this newly-rebranded sea-side tourism center in Kota Belud and experienced an adventure of nature’s playground at Taburan Beach Camp. And boy, we’ve got a whole lot to share!


    Taburan Beach Camp, Here We Come! 

    During our adventure, we couldn’t ignore the challenge of finding our way to the destination. The road was unlike any typical adventure, with gravel and rocks along the way. 🪨


    But trust us, the journey was absolutely worth it! As you make your way up the hill, you’ll be greeted by breathtaking sea views and stunning landscapes all around. And when we finally reached our destination, the sight of the South China Sea with its crystal-clear waters and pristine sandy beach, alongside a preserved mangrove area, was simply breathtaking.


    Stepping out of the van, we were warmly welcomed by Mr. Mejin, the owner, who invited us into a charming wooden house known as the “Walai Dusun Tobilung“. Perched overlooking the sea, this traditional setting provided the perfect backdrop as we sipped on coffee in the open-air living room. What a breeze it was! It was definitely a needed break from the artificial air conditioner we’re sooo~ used to. While we sat and enjoyed the serene landscapes around us, we soon dove into the first adventure on our itinerary!


    First Activity: River Cruising 

    Our first adventure of the day was a river cruise through the mangrove area. And as we made our way to the boat, strapped with our life jackets, we were captivated by the sight of shimmering jellyfish gliding gracefully in the river below. Apparently, the river maintains its saltwater properties until we ventured further inland. It was a unique sight to behold! As we went along river cruising, we couldn’t help but dip our fingers in the river as the boat continued.


    After enjoying a scenic river cruise for about 30 minutes, where every twist and turn offered serene views and soothing sounds. The locals then gave a signal – it was time to go “Lokan” hunting! We sat eagerly while the guides paddled the boat, looking for a special spot for Lokan (a.k.a. mud clams) hunting. Some areas among the mangrove trees were enclosed, as they served as prime spots for Lokan harvesting.


    Second Activity: “Lokan” Hunting

    As our guides picked a spot, we noticed that the area was nestled in damp land, surrounded by mangrove trees with their unique spike-like roots poking out. Stepping off the boat, we eagerly followed them to start our hunt. Searching for these Lokan was both exciting and challenging, as they are buried deep underground. But with the help of our guides, we slowly got the hang of it! The process involves using a “Parang” (similar to a machete) to dig and scrape the sand until you find a hard shell. Sometimes, we’d come across stones, but if luck was on our side, it could reveal a hidden Lokan! 😄


    We found 5 Lokan that day!


    After our Lokan hunt, we headed back to the boat and cruised back to the starting point. The friendly owner was already waiting to welcome us back to the “Walai Tobilung“, where a delicious traditional lunch awaited us.


    Third Activity: Lunch is Served! 


    As we settled down and sat on the wooden floors of the traditional house, we were served with mouth-watering and delectable traditional food. We also had the chance to taste the Lokan we caught, which were served steamed. And wow, you can just taste how fresh the meat was!


    With our appetites satisfied, we wandered around their gorgeous beach with its lagoon-like pristine blue water. The view was stunning, and the area is also suitable for camping and stargazing at night by the shore. 


    You may ask what other activities to do here at Taburan Beach Camp. Well, you can also partake in surfing by the sea, playing pool in a hut nearby or even do your own barbeque! Plus, you can immerse yourself in cultural experiences like village tours and cultural performances.

    What to Wear

    It is highly recommended that you wear sports wear and slippers.


    Things to Bring

    • Sunscreen
    • Sunglasses
    • Extra change of clothes
    • Mosquito Repellant (if you’re afraid of unwanted bites!)


    Here in Taburan Beach Camp, there many packages available to choose from such as: fishing trip, river cruising, lokan hunting, kayaking, cultural discovery and more.


    1) Fishing Activities:

    • Enjoy both traditional and modern fishing activities offered by Taburan Beach Camp, such as crab catching, you can acquire many valuable life skills through this activity.
    • Once you’re back from fishing, whatever you’ve caught will be freshly cooked and served!

    2) River Cruise: 

    • The river cruise lasts about 30 minutes and typically takes place between 4 pm and 5 pm. During the cruise, you’ll have the chance to spot monkeys and various Borneo birds.
    • Get to know the mangrove areas nearby and learn interesting facts about the local village community, which is just a short 2-kilometer distance from Taburan Beach Camp!

    3) “Lokan” Hunting: 

    • Explore the “Lokan” hunting grounds nestled within the mangrove trees’ intricate network.
    • Due to the muddy mangrove land, you will be provided with a pair of “Adidas Kampung” (locally-made black rubber shoes). Just remember to watch your step along the way!

    4) Kayaking: 

    • Best time for kayaking: Usually before sunset for a scenic experience on the water.
    • Only 1 person per kayak.

    5) Cultural Discovery at “Walai Tobilung

    • Learn about the traditions of the Dusun Tobilung community – from its culture, costume, dance, traditional games and folklore/storytelling.
    • Village walk/tour around the Walai Tobilung house and admire its skillful craftmanship.


    Price List 

    Adventure Calls and You’re INVITED! 

    As the locals would say, “Jangan kasi lama” (don’t wait too long)! So reach out to Outreach Borneo today, and arrange your next outing at Taburan Beach Camp to explore their wide range of activities.


    Enjoy an unforgettable community-based tourism experience, whether you’re a student, an adventurer, or simply love outdoor experiences.


    For further info and bookings, please contact:

    1. Mr. Mejin (+60 16 819 3285)

    2) Ms. June (+60 13 863 3314)


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