The best way to experience the melting pot of Sabah is to visit the grand Tamu Besar held annually at Kota Belud.  A vibrant melee of farmers, fishermen and vendors will convene at the largest open-air market to sell an array of produce and everyday goods. This is a great avenue to shop for inexpensive souvenirs, sample local food and observe the traditional way of life. The main highlights include a colourful parade by the Bajau horsemen (who are also fondly known as the Cowboys of the East), the Ratu Serimpak beauty pageant and water-buffalo race. Also, dance along to a variety of performances that will be held!  

How to Get There

Catch a ride from the bus station located next to the Merdeka Field in Kota Kinabalu. Buses travel to and fro Kota Belud from 7am to 5pm daily. However, there is no fixed schedule; buses leave as soon as they are fully occupied. The duration of the 90-kilometer journey is approximately one and a half hours and the bus fare is about RM20 per person per way.


27 – 28 OCTOBER

Time: 8:00am

Venue: Weekly Tamu Ground, Kota Belud

Organiser: Kota Belud District Office

For further info: Peter Jiton, Assistant District Officer (Admin)

T: +60 88 976 621, +60 88 976 624

E: Peter.Jiton@sabah.gov.my