The Genus Saurauia: Sabah’s Floral Gem


    The launching of ‘The Genus Saurauia in Borneo’ was held at the Keembong Room, the Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, on 27 September 2017. The Saurauia is a genus of small to medium-sized trees found in tropical and subtropical forests from South and South-East Asia to the southwest Pacific, and in some parts of tropical and subtropical America. There is an estimation of 300 species of Saurauia worldwide. Yet, not many know that the Saurauia could be so rich in species.

    The Genus Saurauia in Borneo is a review of past regional studies, documented species richness, and the classification of the genus. Saurauia Willd. (Actinidiaceae) is revised for Borneo, with the first identification key to 85 species (including 62 new species and three new varieties) recognised for in the island of Borneo. The account is based on a study of nearly 1500 collections, not including duplicates, and lectotypification for 12 species binomials are made.