The Hidden Gem of Pitas, Sabah: Piniapat Hill


Hunting for more insta-worthy hiking trails? We recently discovered a hidden gem that “wow-ed” us with its beautiful green hills, panoramic sea view, and bountiful fresh air. This place is none other than Piniapat Hill.


Piniapat Hill, Sabah’s little England (as we like to call it), is located in Kampung Dingai, Pitas. Apart from hiking, you can even go camping with family and friends! To get to Piniapat Hill by road, the journey takes about 3 hours to travel from Kota Kinabalu city. 


In Kimaragang language, Piniapat means ‘divided into four’. Fun fact, the name Piniapat is a tribute to the 4 landowners (siblings) that are sharing ownership of the land. 


As you arrive at the foot of Piniapiat Hill, there will be a little hut where you will be greeted with friendly and welcoming staff. When purchasing entry tickets, don’t hesitate to ask any questions, as the staff are eager to assist you with any concerns and inquiries you may have.

Entrance Fee and Opening Hours of Piniapat Hill  

Piniapat Hill is open daily from 6am to 7pm with the following entrance fee:

  • RM2 per adult (12 to 59 years old) 
  • RM1 per child (7 to 11 years old)

“Can I pay via QR pay or online transfer?”


For now, Piniapiat Hill is only accepting cash, so do prepare some before coming here. 🙂 

How Challenging Is The Hike At Piniapat Hill?

The hiking trails at Piniapat Hill are generally easy which consists of the shortcut trail and added challenge trail



The shortcut hike is approximately 100 meters and can be completed within 5 minutes, making it suitable for beginners of all ages. 


Meanwhile the added challenge trails span 900 meters and 1.9km which will take around 30 to 40 minutes to complete, depending on one’s speed and endurance. 


If you feel slightly out of breath during your hike, take a little rest and marvel upon the beauty of flowers and plants that delicately adorn the trails of Piniapat Hill. Memang sangat cantik! 


Enjoy The View At Sono Cafe

After your hike, be rewarded with refreshing beverages and light snacks as you bask in the view. Enjoy a selection of drinks including coconut water, coffee, canned beverages, bottled mineral water, and light snacks i.e. chips, instant noodles, etc. By the way, we tried their coconut water and it was very refreshing! 



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What Makes Piniapat Hill So Special? 

Best place in Pitas to catch the sunrise and sunset

Say hello to the sun by dawn and say goodbye at dusk. Sunrise and sunsets at Piniapat Hill surely hits differently as you are able to witness them in its full glory from the top of the hill. 



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And if you want to look at the stars here at night, the best time to come would be during the end of the year when the skies are clear, giving you a wonderful showcase of the milky way. 



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Quiet and peaceful

As Piniapat Hill is far away from the city, you are able to fully immerse in the peaceful sights and sounds of nature and most importantly, breathe cleaner air. The air is so clean, you are able to see the city next to Banggi Island and Kudat! Furthermore, there are no wild and threatening animals on the property, so your safety is definitely guaranteed.

Able to enjoy a variety of activities 

Apart from hiking and taking photos, Piniapat Hill is also great for kite-flying, picnics and camping. Want to unwind and relax in a tent as you enjoy your time at Piniapat Hill? Let’s have a look at some of their camping packages!

Camping Site Packages at Piniapat Hill

Piniapat Hill is the first camping place in Pitas located on a hill. There are two camping packages which include tent rental (for those without tents) and camping site rental (for those with tents). 


For visitors that require a tent
Visitors can rent a tent (camping site fee included) for RM32 which can accommodate 3 to 4 persons. Additionally, if you would like to add on cooking equipment, you can either request for a barbeque equipment set at RM45 or a stove at RM40 accordingly. 

BBQ equipment set (RM45)

  • Portable BBQ grill
  • BBQ holder
  • Fire starter
  • Charcoal
  • Serving tong
  • Butane

Stove (RM40)

– Frying pan
– Spatula
– Kettle
– Butane


Additionally, sleeping bags and benches are also available for rent at the following rates:


Sleeping bag: RM5 per bag
Relaxing bench: RM9 per bench (2 pieces available for rent)


For Visitors With Their Own Tent (Site Rental Only)

Those with their own tents can opt for this package at RM12 per tent on site with the following inclusions:

  • Free entrance for 2 pax  
  • Mineral bottled water (0.5ml)
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Camping lamp


  • Campfires are not allowed 
  • No use of uncontrolled substances such as drugs, fuel and chemicals 
  • Not allowed to use speakers that go beyond the accepted noise limits after 11pm 

For more enquiries, you may directly contact:
Phone number:  +60 13 603 1936

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