The Paling Sadap Food to Makan in Sabah


by Amber L. Lanjuat & Azeera Az.


Other than its amazing nature and wildlife, Sabah is also one of the best places to be adventurous with your taste palate. From our many delicious noodle soups to our unique local cuisines, every dish has its own flavour and character that will surely make you crave for more. We’ve listed down some of the must-have delicacies to prove that you have truly visited Sabah. 


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Traditional food


If you’ve never tried our traditional food before, then you’re not as adventurous as you thought you were. There are a variety of must-try traditional dishes guaranteed to excite your taste buds. We’ll deem you as a champion if you’ve tried these local dishes before:

  • Kadazandusun – Hinava, Tuhau, Pinasakan, and Ambuyat
  • Bajau – Latok, Kima, Nasi Tehe-tehe, Sianglag, Piutu, Kiulu


We’ll also award you with a (virtual) medal if you’ve tried the stinky and yummy bosou. As for the risk takers, have you tried the famous Sago worm or locally known as Butod? You can either eat it alive or fried to a yummy crisp. 


💪 Do you have what it takes to withstand a historical and cultural fusion of salt-lime-chilli flavours of Sabah?




Kadazandusun traditional food


Bajau traditional food



The advantage of being close to the sea is that we get our seafood fresh from the sea – sometimes delivered by our local fishermen on the day of the catch itself! Some of the unforgettable must-try dishes: butter prawns (wet or dry), salted egg crab and a classic seafood steamboat will make you come back for more. A typical favourite Sabahan meal is the steamed or fried fish eaten with fresh chili padi and a lime dipping sauce… simple but SADAP. If you have a big appetite and are ready to get your hands dirty, you definitely should not miss out on the seafood fiesta to see if you have the appetite of a sea monster.  




Ngiu Chap (or Ngau Chap)

In Sabah, there’s nothing more nostalgic than eating a bowl of flavourful beef broth noodle soup with the family, especially during the weekends. It’s a very straightforward dish that is a favourite to any soup lovers. The best part? You can add on your favourite parts of the beef such as beef balls, beef slices, tendon, intestines, and more. 


Tip: It’s also the best cure for a hangover. 




Fish Noodles


Craving for a hot bowl of fish noodles? If you’re in Sabah, then you’re in luck. There are so many places that offer you a delicious bowl of your favourite fish head soup cooked in either hot and sour, Tom Yum, or tomato soup. 




Dim Sum


Bite-sized, flavourful and affordable; Dim Sum is one of the most famous Chinese dishes in the world. Dim Sum dishes are usually taken as a breakfast meal but you can easily find many restaurants serving a wide variety of dim sum dishes at any time of the day. Pair it with a hot cup of tea, and you’re good to go!




✓ Curry Laksa Mee


If you’re looking for a taste of hot, sweet and spicy, Curry Laksa Mee might be just the right dish for you. A bowl of curry laksa mee is served with egg noodles, tofu puffs, shredded chicken, and fresh shrimp, oh my! Its rich broth is made of curry and coconut milk, making sure that every spoonful is addictive. You can have this dish either during breakfast or lunch.




Sang Nyuk Mian


An iconic food in Sabah, this pork noodle is locally known as San Nyuk Mian. You can choose between Mee (thick noodles) or Mee Hoon (thin noodles) or Kuey Teow (flat noodles) mixed in the soup; or Kon Lau Mien (dry noodles with soup on the side) according to your preference. You can even request for extra pork lard for that extra kick.




Sinalau Bakas [non-halal]


One of the traditional foods of the Kadazandusun People is the Sinalau Bakas, which directly translates to Smoked Wild Boar. While you are travelling around Sabah, you will find several stalls by the roadside with signs of ‘sinalau bakas’, making it not only a must-try but a dish that is quite easy to find. 




Bak Kut Teh [non-halal]


In Hokien dialect, Bak Kut Teh means “pork bone tea”. It is famous for its flavourful and complex broth, where cuts of meaty pork ribs are simmered with various herbs and spices. Is there any tea in this dish? Well, surprisingly no. The tea mentioned in its name refers to Oolong Chinese tea that is usually served alongside the soup in the olden days. Bak Kut Teh was originally a breakfast meal but since becoming a popular dish among tourists, you can easily find restaurants serving this dish for dinner.



  • Yu Kee Bah Kut Teh 
  • Kung Fu Bak Kut Teh
  • Sin Kee Bah Kut Teh
  • Nam Chai Restaurant Bah Kut Teh
    – No.1 Block D, Jalan Leila, Bandar Nam Tong, Sandakan


Desserts in Sabah


If you have a sweet tooth or just craving to wash your palate after a good meal, desserts are the way to go and Sabah spoils you with mouth-watering choices that will make you come back for seconds. From unique yummy cakes to irresistible Leong Fun drink, you would not know where to begin! 




Must try!

Boba Tea

First created in Taiwan during the 80’s, Boba teas is now one of the popular dessert drinks in Malaysia. The drink is a combination of sweet cold milk tea with yummy chewy tapioca balls. This craze has led to many of our own local brands to jump on the bandwagon creating every sweet tooth’s favourite drink!




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