The Sakamotos are in Sabah!


    Tatsu Sakamoto (Father), Yoshika Sakamoto (Mother), Kentako (8 Yrs), Kojiro (5Yrs)

    Let’s get to know this adventurous family!

    The Sakamotos started their ‘Great Six Continents Adventure’ in 2015. Previously on their first expedition, they finished a three-month riding in New Zealand in January 2016. Since then, the Sakamotos will choose a location and continue to complete their cycling journey during the summer holiday. During their second stage, they explored Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland. After getting to know Canada and Alaska in the third stage, they continued their fourth cycling expedition around the world covering Nepal – Bhutan – Malaysia – Brunei.

    ‘The Sakamotos’ Great Six Continents Adventure’ is part of their eight-year long family goal, which gives them the opportunity to meet various families and cultures all over the world. Through these experiences, they are able to observe how other communities live.


    Let’s get to know this adventurous family!


    1. What were the challenges throughout your tour?

    This year, our main concern is the tropical diseases. We made sure that we completed our vaccines, especially for the kids. We were also very cautious and we always wear our insect repellent patches.

    The weather in Malaysia and Brunei is quite hot. So we try to start our cycle early and stop by noon to avoid heat-stroke.

    1. What do you think about Malaysia?
    Kojiro holding a Butod

    Malaysia is good. The food is good and the people are very kind and safe. We travel by bicycle, so accidents are the most dangerous thing for us. The drivers here in Malaysia are generally very kind. Before this, we travelled in foreign places where the drivers do not follow the rules and that made us feel unsafe. In order to be more careful for ourselves and the kids, we need to be careful hence we avoid cycling in the city where the traffic is bad.

    1. Is it easy for you to communicate with people across the places that you travelled?

    Yes, most of the people we met can speak English. So it’s very good.

    1. What motivated you to do this with your family?

    We started this journey about three years ago. We went to New Zealand and cycled for three months and covered about 800 kilometres. Kojiro was only two-years-old back then. He didn’t have any idea about travelling and he sometimes miss his friends and Japan. But the kids enjoyed the journey where they got to experience different places, cultures, and lifestyle while meeting people from around the world.

    1. Having been through a lot of places in this legged of the journey, what is your favourite local food?

    Dal Bhat from Nepal. Dal Bhat is made of beans and rice. Most Nepalese are vegetarians so they cook rice and beans a lot and it’s very cheap. So you can eat as much as you like.

    1. Do your kids attend school or are they home schooled?

    The kids are currently attending school. During the summer holiday, they get to enjoy a one-month holiday. Hence that is why we choose to travel during the summer. However, the trip took us more than a month, so we have to present our plan to their school principal about why we need to extend their holiday. Of course, the kids still need to do their homework and study. We make sure of that.

    1. What tips can you give to other families who want to try this?

    It is very important to choose the right season to travel. Avoid doing this during the monsoon season. Do not rush. Some of the places that we travelled to have difficult terrains so we have to limit our rides per day because it’s challenging for the children.


    Sakamotos : The Cycling Japanese family

    ‘The Sakamotos’ Great Six Continents Adventure’ has reached Sabah. In June this year, Tatsu Sakamoto and his family began their cycle from Nepal to Bhutan (220 km) before flying to Kuching and continuing their ride to Brunei. Kota Kinabalu was their final city before returning home to Kansai, Japan.

    Sabah Tourism hosted them to a traditional dinner at D’Place Kinabalu, Kota Kinabalu.

    Photo (L-R) : David Michael, Jason Paujik, Tatsu Sakamoto, Kojiro (5 yrs), Kentaro (8yrs) , Yoshiko, Siti Fatimah, and Baizurawani Richard.