Watch the Regatta Lepa in Semporna


Each year in April, a flotilla of spectacular lepa-lepa will decorate the shores of Semporna as the district celebrates its annual Regatta Lepa. Lepa-makers will come out in full force to produce the grandest and most decked out sailing boat to be crowned ‘Most Beautiful Lepa’ during the Regatta. As the hundreds of lepa sail pass the crowds at the ceremonious regatta, Bajau female dancers will be dressed in brilliantly coloured and sparkling traditional Bajau costumes.They will perform onboard each boat the Igal-Igal dance, accompanied by the idiophonic sounds of kulintangan and other traditional music instruments.

To visit Semporna:

By mini bus: Tawau Airport to Semporna (70 mins) – RM100 per charter

By coach – 44 seater: KK City to Semporna (9 hours) – RM 75 per person