What to do in Serinsim, Kundasang?


Article and photos by Murphy Ng

Discover the different face of Kinabalu Park at Serinsim Park in Kota Marudu where you can bring the whole family to enjoy the beautiful sceneries and the abundance Mother Nature has to offer! The Serinsim Park is a substation at the north of Kinabalu Park where you can see the other side of Ranau that is dominated by lowland rainforest.

Straight from the undisturbed land, most locals only come here to enjoy the crystal clear and clean river of Serinsim. But did you know that there are more attractions nearby?


  1. Gunung Nombuyukong


Standing at 1,692 metres, Gunung Nombuyukong is only slightly lower than Gunung Tahan, the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia. However, Mount Nombuyukong is more conquerable and the climb only takes a day.




  1. Jungle Trekking

There are a network of jungle trails that lead you to Gunung Nombuyukong, bat caves, and the Misumpak Waterfall. Lucky hikers would spot the elusive Red Leaf Monkey and maybe some orang utan! The Asian Paradise Flycatcher, a very beautiful bird species of Borneo is regularly found at the nearby streams. Other interesting sighting includes rare mushroom species, endemic begonia, and the bizarre Trilobite Beetle.

  1. Tallest Man in the World

According to the local legend, a giant named Gambaliu was buried here two to three thousand years ago. With a height of 24 feet, Gambaliu is taller than a giraffe and the current tallest human record (8 ft 11 in) in the Guinness World Records.

  1. Sigunting’s Graveyard

Adjacent to the tomb of Gambaliu is the graveyard of Sigunting, a Dusun warrior who led a seven-year guerilla warfare against the British colonial government between 1894 and 1901. He might be the only Sabahan hero who survived the baptism of fire by the British force.


Three chalets and a hostel are available to cater to small or big groups. Each chalet costs RM318 per night and has three rooms. As for the charges per night in the hostel, each bed costs RM42.40 per adult and RM31.80 per child. Camping on the ground is also available for a small fee.


Serinsim Park is about 130 kilometres away from Kota Kinabalu and easily accessible by paved road.

Feel free to contact Sabah Parks for more information.

W: www.sabahparks.org.my

T: 088 523 500