What to do in Tenom?


Community-based Tourism Destination: Experience the authentic Murut lifestyle through Marais Center, Tenom


Why not have a short getaway from the busy city? Take a step further to know the livelihood of the Murut villagers in the hidden gem of Tenom! Located at Kampung Marais Lama, it takes about an hour from Tenom town, providing you with an authentic rural and cultural experience.

Marais Center is a unique community-based tourism project, focusing on sustainable tourism. Founded and advised by music composer Samwise Loh, he helped develop the village for community-based tourism. The center is highly involved with the local community. Relatively new to tourism, the fascinating Marais community revere nature and live in harmony with it. They are curious but welcoming towards outsiders. They offer travel packages, involving a range of community initiatives.

Visitors are able to interact with the villagers and gain a rare insight into their way of life. Many stories will be told by the locals while you stay at their house. There, you will get to stay or visit local houses with families of weavers, farmers, fishermen, and more. Outstanding and friendly hospitality is provided, along with delicious home cooked food.

Well, after all they say the heart of Sabah lies in her villages. Here are some top ways of experiencing them.

Paddy Cultivation
Learn Murut Cooking
Paddy Farm Ride (6KM)/ Hillside Ride (26KM)


Otherwise, walk around the village and meet the villagers, or simply relax and enjoy the serenity!


T: +60 17 438 0561/ +60 11 2989 0564

E: info@maraiscenter.com

W: www.exploringmarais.com

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