An exciting adventure with ATV Pit Stop Tambunan!

ATV Pit Stop Tambunan

The SMB team went on another adventure search, and this time we had a fun ride with ‘ATV Pit Stop Tambunan‘.


If you’re not familiar with ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle or Quad Bike), just imagine motorcycles with four tyres instead of the normal two. Most of us were first time riders. So if you’re keen to know beginners’ experiences on this, read on!


Arriving at our starting point, we met with four of our guides: Ben, Kenny, Ken, and Felix. We were given our safety briefings: from starting the engines, changing gears, and most importantly, the usage of the breaks. Before we started our adventure, we were given time to get used to our vehicles. All four of our guides would constantly check-in on us to make sure that everyone was comfortable and that our vehicles were in good conditions. Even though we were beginners, we figured out the mechanisms of the ATVs in no time.



We started with the smooth asphalt road along Kg. Sunsuron and strolled along the neighbourhood houses.

The challenge started as soon as we hit the gravel-loose rock roads on our way to Sunsuron River. Another tricky part we encountered was going up the curvy hill, as you need a lot of control to steer the handlebars. One of our team struggled trying to maintain the control of her steering, but our guides were all there to make sure that everyone safely reached our destinations.


Before reaching the river, we took a short rest to ease our eyes at the beautiful greenery of the paddy fields. Afterwards we continued on to reach Sunsuron River where we were tranquilized by the calm flowing water.


We reached our final stop at a nearby mini-waterfall, and learned how to get all wet and dirty with our ATVs. After taking a group photo, we head back to our starting point to finish the day.


The overall ride took about an hour long and the ATV vehicles were easy to get used to. We definitely recommend first timers to book a tour with ATV Pit-Stop for a safe and fun ride!




  • Wear Shoes
  • Listen to your Guide
  • Enjoy the Ride
  • Take a lot of pictures
  • Wear sunblock! Don’t let Tambunan’s cool temperature fool you. The sun can get pretty hot!


  • Ride above the speed limits
  • Split from the group
  • Overtake other riders
  • Make unnecessary loud noises

ATV Pit-Stop Tambunan also provides longer and more challenging tracks for those with skills or experience. For more information, contact:

FB: ATV Pit-Stop

T: 019 533 5003