Celebrate Chinese New Year with Kadaiku Sabah


Why not bring a little local culture into the Chinese celebration?

Have you bought your new clothes, accessories, or decorations for Chinese New Year? You probably would have done most of your shopping during the 12.12 and year end promotions in 2017!

In Sabah, there is a high percentage of mix marriages. With over 32 ethnic groups in Sabah, it is awesome to  be part of this rich culture in a colourful state. Here are some suggestions to mix and match during the Chinese New Year, and maybe a few tips on how you can use our local products during the festive season.

  1. Traditional Boxes

Biscuits, cookies, and sweets are a must during Chinese New Year. There will be tons of visitors coming to the house several times a day. Therefore, foods and snacks need to be ever-ready on side. Having these traditional boxes will definitely brighten up your coffee table or dining table! After all, we can always choose the bright coloured ones like red and orange, that represents ‘Happiness’; and yellow represents “wealth”!


Caption: Tudung Duang is unique to the Bajau people of Kota Belud, Sabah. Thin metal plates and nipah leaves are used to construct the main body.

Small with cover RM 6
Medium without cover RM 3
Big with cover RM 18

Caption: This colourful rectangle bamboo box is made of bamboo strips, rattan and dyed colors handwoven by the Dusun womenfolk of Kota Belud, Sabah.


  1. Clutches

Kadaiku also sells fashion items that are authentically designed and made locally. These clutches were skillfully hand-woven by women and youth rural community, using strips of dried bamboo. This must-have fashion accessory showcases the effort and talents of our local designers and makers. After all, not many will ever think of a cultural mix and match of Chinese and Sabahan native accessories to carry all day. You can be the first!





  1. Dastar Handbags

This beautifully handwoven Kain Dastar is indigenous to the Iranun community from Kota Belud. The cloth is traditionally worn as ceremonial headdress for the men, but today it can be used as wall decor, table furnishings and handbags. As for Chinese New Year, find your lucky feng shui colour that suits your Chinese Zodiac!

Price Range: RM200 and above


  1. Scrubs

Chinese New Year is the time of the year for certain people to feel and look beautiful. Try out  the scrub made by ‘Love, Lusie’. Infused with the endemic Bornean “tuhau” (wild ginger) plant, it is believed to be rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Get the Japanese Spring (limited edition) since it’s CNY!



  1. Balung Herbal Tea

In addition to its prominence in Chinese culture, tea also claims many health benefits, making it a popular drink worldwide. Nestled in the Borneo rainforest and benefiting from fertile volcanic soil, Balung plantation is home to a host of pure organic fruits and beverages. Sample the signatures Lemongrass, Java Tea, and Agarwood. These herbal teas offer a number of traditional health remedies!

Lemongrass – RM16.90

Java Tea and Agarwood – RM13.00