Celebrate Kaamatan with Kadaiku!


Sabahans always get excited when the month of May is getting near. It is a time of a joyous occasion for friends and family to get together and appreciate our strong cultural heritage.



Lihing Nilyn is a family-made Kadazandusun traditional rice wine of Sabah. Lihing is a staple in most kitchens and at celebrations, particularly during weddings, Harvest Festival, and other celebrations. You can find this beautifully packaged rice wine at Kadaiku and enjoy it as an alcoholic beverage or to spice up a cocktail. Lihing is also ideal for adding zest to a savoury dish.

Purchase a bottle or two as a gift and enjoy a traditional taste of Sabah.



With the support of Keningau folks, the Naga Tapai is made to be shared with the world in preserving the Kadazan Dusun culture, enabling future generations to prosper, and harvest the rich culture that we inherited. Tapai, deeply rooted in the fabric of Kadazandusun society, accompanies all Kadazandusun celebrations and rites, enjoyed through a bamboo straw called usuk.

Its fragrant smell hits you the moment you lift the lid off. Take the authentic ‘Taste of Sabah’ home with you today!

Pinakol / Litai

The beaded Pinakol and Litai necklace is specially handmade by the Rungus women from Kudat, a northern district in Sabah. Its design resembles traditional ethnic motifs which was passed down through generations.

Show off the beauty of culture through a touch of beautiful handmade beaded necklaces to mix and match your OOTD!



Kadaiku™, Sabah’s leading souvenirs and handicrafts shop officially launched its new outlet at the Asia City Complex.


Specialising in 100% authentic traditional handicrafts, Kadaiku™ offers an extensive collection of authentic local handicrafts and souvenirs. Its mission is to promote Sabah’s handicrafts by producing quality products for purchase where each item is a true traditional and ethnic representation of its respective artisan.


Kadaiku™ – Souvenirs and Handicrafts is wholly-owned by Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sdn. Bhd., the subsidiary company of Sabah Tourism Board.


Services: Alipay, Delivery

Operating Hours: 12:00 noon to 10:00 p.m. (daily)

T: +6088-232121

F: +6088-291688

E: kadaiku@sabahtourism.com

W: www.kadaiku.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kadaiku

Instagram: @kadaikutm



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