Changgih Designs: Sabah’s Cultural-inspired Collections

Changgih Designs: Culturally inspired collections

Changgih Designs is a social enterprise dedicated to empowering through skill development and vocational opportunities. In partnership with local artisans, handcrafted items are produced to highlight the unique culture of Borneo.

The Story

This all began with two passionate, new moms who dreamed of making cute crafts for their kids during nap time. This thought quickly turned into an idea of capturing pieces of Borneon culture and blending it with present day fashion and design.

The Goal

Changgih Designs’ priority is to give other moms an opportunity to earn fair wages and support their families without having to leave their home.

The Changgih Designs Collection

The culturally inspired collections of handbags, textiles, scarves, and wearables are all made with the utmost attention to detail by artisans in villages all over Sabah. Changgih Designs works with the artisans to come up with styles that are beautiful and durable while providing training to new artisans as the team expands.


Every time a Changgih Designs item is purchased, the consumer is automatically giving back. 10% of proceeds are set aside for community building programs:

  • Disaster relief
  • English classes
  • Skill-based vocational training
  • Mobile clinics

These projects are chosen and carried out by talking closely with leaders in the community to fully understand their needs and fulfilling them.