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Goodbye, July and hello, August! As we dive into this bustling time of year, many of us find ourselves immersed in busier-than-ever schedules. Whether we’re juggling meetings, events, or working on significant projects, feeling good and looking good remains important! 


Dress for Success


One of the ways to achieve a better self-image is dressing for success. As we know, dressing well not only boosts your confidence but furthermore leaves a lasting impression on others. Therefore, choose outfits that are both comfortable and professional that suits the demands of your schedule. For this reason, Kadaiku has picked out some must-try wardrobe essentials for you this month. 


  1. Introducing Chanteek Borneo’s Chic, Ethnic Printed Shirts! 


For Him: Rungus-Inspired Collared Shirt 


Elevate your fashion game with a unique collared shirt, adorned with the “Baddu” patterns inspired by the Rungus ethnic group. Meticulously woven with intricate details, this patterned fabric exudes elegance and sets the standard for premium fashion statements among men.



Stay both stylish and comfortable in this short-sleeved masterpiece from Chanteek Borneo’s exclusive “Bah-Nat collection.” This shirt combines the best of both worlds – a nod to cultural heritage and a contemporary touch. Moreover, its cooling fabric ensures you remain at ease during work hours and shines as an impeccable choice for business casual events.


For Her: Murut-Inspired Blouse 


For the ladies seeking a captivating blend of tradition and contemporary flair, look no further than the enchanting “Nagulalan” blouse. This delightful piece is inspired from the Murut tribe and is finely printed with the “Inarus” patterns. These patterns pay homage to the faces of tigers, jungle wild cats, and the legendary tale of the crocodile’s back.




Designed to be versatile, the “Nagulalan” blouse effortlessly transitions between office and casual wear, making it a wardrobe essential. This blouse embraces the essence of the Murut tribe while infusing modern shades and colours that perfectly complement today’s fashion and style.


2. Exquisite Ethnic-Inspired Long Cardigans 


Rinugading and Dusun-Patterned Cardigan

Indulge in comfort and elegance with elegant long cardigans, carefully crafted from light and breathable Chiffon Crepe fabric. These cardigans features mesmerising patterns and adds a touch of ethnic charm to your wardrobe. 


Made to flatter all body sizes, this versatile piece effortlessly complements a variety of outfits. Pair it gracefully with a dress or dress it down with jeans for a more laid-back yet stylish ensemble.


One of the most appealing features of this cardigan is its wrinkle-resistant nature, eliminating the need for ironing. Embrace a hassle-free lifestyle without compromising on style.


3. Enhance Your Look With The “Sandai”

In Kadazan, the term “Sandai” translates to “long shawl” and is typically worn during festivities and other special occasions. The beautiful patterns adorning the “Sandai” are thoughtfully inspired by the diverse ethnic groups found in the enchanting region of Sabah.



Draped in a mesmerising array of eye-catching and vibrant colours, the “Sandai” enhances one’s overall appearance. Its allure lies not only in its visual charm but also in its ability to embody and celebrate Sabah’s rich cultural heritage.



As a land renowned for its cultural diversity, wearing the “Sandai” goes beyond just a fashion statement. Most importantly, it becomes a symbol of unity, strengthening the sense of Sabahan identity. Concurrently, wearing the “Sandai” establishes a deep sense of pride in being a part of this wonderful community that calls Sabah, “The Land Below The Wind,” home.


4. Fashionable And Practical Handwoven Bags


Complete your look with aesthetic handcrafted woven bags, skilfully crafted by talented local designers. Among the myriad of options available, one bag stands out in particular—the intriguing Pandanus “Kelarai” tote bag. 


Step into the world of sustainable fashion with this bag, carefully crafted from natural Pandanus leaves, a true testament to the harmonious collaboration between two vibrant village communities— “Look Dangkaan” village, Pitas, and “Batu Lunguyan” village, Keningau.


As a final flourish, the bag is adorned with “Salingkawang” handle, a delicate yet sturdy tree fern,  selected for its ability to elegantly secure and define the bag’s final form. 


More On The Kelarai Tote Bags’ Designs

Delicately handwoven with refined bamboo strips forming elaborate Murut ethnic-inspired motifs. here are more “Kelarai” tote bag designs of various patterns, colours and sizes that are available at Kadaiku.



It is known that the Murut people are famous for their wide array of motifs; consequently, each pattern bears a significant meaning. Finally, we hope that this age-old tradition of weaving continues to be passed down to the younger generation as it definitely teaches us to appreciate and preserve our culture even more!


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