Father’s Day Finds: Perfect Gifts for Dad


By Glory Roslily 


Father’s Day is an important day for many, celebrating the people who gave us life and helped shape who we are.


This year, 16th June marks a day dedicated to honouring and celebrating the love, support, and guidance that fathers provide to our lives.


Selecting the ideal gift to express gratitude and appreciation can be a fun yet difficult task. A quick browse at Kadaiku can save you some time, as we’ve chosen some of the best gifts to make sure every father feels cherished and valued on his special day!


For Stylish Dads: Motif button-up T-shirts, Neckties and Hats



Spice up Father’s Day with stylish and comfortable new clothes, perfect for celebrating him on his special day! Here is a collection of Motif woven button-up T-shirts and ties that highlight different abstract shapes depicting Sabah’s cultural life. 


Of course, fathers should also complete the look with a hat, adding a touch of elegance and flair to their outfit for the occasion while also protecting them from the sun’s heat!


  • Cream Motif long-sleeved button up T-shirt : RM215
  • Orange Motif button up T-shirt : RM185
  • Red Motif button up T-shirt : RM175
  • Motif Ties : RM60 each 
  • Hats: RM40 each

For Foodie Dads: Honey, Tea, Fruit Wine, Hot Sauces and Coffee


Sabah Tantadan Pure Trigona Honey serves as a unique honey crafted by the “Kelulut” or Stingless Bees, primarily found in Malaysia’s tropical rainforest. This substance, rich in natural antibiotics and antioxidants, enhances the immune system, dilates blood vessels, activates cells, and strengthens anti-bacterial and anti-toxin functions.


Most importantly, this honey contains anti-aging agents, boosts the immune and digestive systems, improves sleeping quality, relieves coughing or sore throat, and speeds up wound recovery. Gifting this unique honey would be helpful for fathers suffering from some of these symptoms. 


The Moringa Oleifera, or known as the Miracle Tree has been around for hundreds of years. Aside from its historic values, the Moringa Oleifera has been identified as one of the highest nutritional values among many types of food species studied. The Balung Moringga Tea bears energising properties that help with healing and prevent medical diseases as well as ailments. Ayurvedic practitioners in India believe that the Moringa can cure or prevent about 300 diseases. From skin disorder treatment, diabetes, sleep improvement, relief of anxiety, and depression;  it also can stabilise our blood sugar levels and boost nutrition within the body. 


Sabah Borneo Fruit Wine N°IX is an authentic local fruit wine from Kasarahan Nature Borneo, crafted from 100% fruit. This mulberry-flavored wine is made using a simple organic concoction of mulberries, natural yeast, and water, with no artificial preservatives added. This Father’s Day, surprise your fathers with the vibrant and refreshing taste of Sabah Borneo Fruit Wine N°IX – a perfect way to celebrate and toast to his special day!


Elevate your Father’s day meals by indulging in the bold and fiery-hot spiciness with the Sabasco Sauce Set. The Set carries 4 flavours: Original, Spicy , Spicy Pepper Sauce with Sweet & Spicy. A culinary experience that will leave your taste buds tingling, bringing the bold and delicious flavours to your table and leaving fathers satisfied until the very last bite! Sourced from Kunak, this sauce is popular among Sabahans who often craft their own secret recipes to intensify its flavour or spiciness. While Sabasco’s Chilli Sauce can be enjoyed on its own, locals love to pair it with a spritz of Kasturi lime juice and their favourite choice of soy sauce to complement various dishes.


What drink do Fathers usually look for in the mornings? Yes, that’s right, Coffee! Brewing him coffee at home can save fathers from the hassle of drinking in “kopitiams” all the time. Yit Foh Tenom Coffee is an established local brand since 1960, and is known to be the oldest and one of the most famous coffee factories in Sabah. Yit Foh coffee continues to strive successfully as it even opened a Restaurant of its own in 2017, along with a Coffee Park Cottage.


Another enjoyable coffee brand would be Aramaitica Arabica coffee. From the highlands of Sabah, straight to your cup, feel the “aramaitica”- The word is derived from “Aramaiti”, Sabah’s native language which simply means pure enjoyment or the feel-good sensation. Since Coffee is on your list, might as well grab with you a mug that says “Ama” or “Dad” in Kadazan-Dusun language to match the occasion. 


  • Sabah Tantadan Pure Trigona Honey 200gm : RM 80
  • Balung Moringga Tea : RM24
  • Sabah Borneo Fruit Wine N°IX Mulberry Wine: RM70
  • Sabasco Sauce Set : RM55
  • Yit Foh Tenom Coffee Hojicha : RM15
  • Aramaitica Arabica Coffee : RM27.50
  • “Ama” Mug : RM28

For Music-Loving Dads: Gongs, Suling and Sompoton


For music-loving fathers who enjoy playing instruments, why not gift them something unique they can create music with? Here is a collection of Sabah’s traditional instruments that produces rhythms, sounds, movements and colours.


Gongs are Sabah’s most iconic indiophones found throughout Sabah ethnic tribes. The “Gong” is considered to be the backbone amongst Sabah’s list of musical instruments. Usually made of either brass or bronze. It often has a broad rim, is thick, and emits a distinctively muted deep tone sound. The Gong also comes in a variety of sizes. 


The Suling is an aerophone, a bamboo-sectioned end-blow flute. It is played individually and has five or six holes. The charming tones of this instrument were typically heard at night, following the villagers’ return from their fieldwork. This mimics the nature of fathers returning home after a long day of work. 


Sompoton, which is also an aerophone, is constructed from a dried gourd and eight bamboo pipes arranged in a double-layered raft.  By blowing the gourd’s mouth, the player can produce a soft-sweet harmonious and continuous sound. The sompoton can be played as a solo instrument for personal entertainment or in groups to accompany dancing.

  • Gong size 4 (small) : RM36
  • Gong size 10 (medium) : RM130
  • Gong size 12 (large) : RM148
  • Suling : RM24
  • Sompoton : RM50


With Father’s Day fast approaching, there’s no time to waste! Head over to Kadaiku and treat your dad to something truly special. Explore their fantastic selection of gifts, and don’t forget to take advantage of their wide variety of options and also their gift-wrapping services. Make this Father’s Day one to remember – shop now at Kadaiku!