“Fine-Travelling” in Sabah


What’s fine dining without a fine-travelling included in your list of vacation or rest days? We’ve gathered a selection of luxurious travel options for your Sabah vacation.


To have a day, a week or a month off is a reward for anyone who yearns to have a break for themselves or perhaps a trip for two to run away to another place or simply just to spend some luxury time with your loved ones. As the saying goes “Time is gold”.


To start off the list, let’s look at some of the fine luxurious accommodations that can be found within:


Kota Kinabalu

The name Shangri-La has a ring to the ears of people. As it is one of the well known name hotels in Sabah: The Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa and Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort & Spa

These hotels offer such facilities that ensure their guests are fully equipped to rest and relax during their stay.

To be pampered by a relaxing massage is a dream and reality we would like to face and receive especially when one is having a bad day could magically turn into a relaxing day with a peaceful mind at ease.

Chi The Spa is a spa service company offered by the Shangri-La Company, where they offer one of a kind signature Malaysian energizing massage with natural ingredients sourced from the rich biodiversity of Sabah.


Asides from just experiencing the luxury accommodation in the city, you may be able to experience another source of staycation by the sea at the Gaya Island Resort. Where it is situated amidst lush rainforest with amazing and breathtaking views.

Let’s get on the list of activities where you would be able to rise with the sun.

First on the list we have the KK Yacht. The KK Yacht provides a private yacht charter with various activities provided which ranges from Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Flying Fish, Fun Diving, Clear Kayak, Snorkeling, Sea Trampoline and so on.

The Pound Restaurant located at the first floor of Jesselton Mall is known for its “excellent” dry aged beef steak.


The restaurant is a modern casual dining place where you would be able to taste various varieties of dishes served with its own unique taste.

Their tasty foods range from having steaks, pizza, pasta, rice, dessert, meats, poultry, salad and soup. As for their drinks they serve all types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.



There is more to experience than just the city life itself. As we all know Sabah is known and home to many great nature getaways with friendly towns and friendly faces to be welcomed with.


Kundasang is one of the popular places in Sabah to pop by or to either spend the night as well.

The Umea Glam Kundasang is a very unique accommodation where its exterior building is designed as a Dome and named after a city in eastern Sweden.


There are 4 domes in total named as Abisko, Kiruna, Gallivare and Narvik. Each of this dome has its own interior piece of design to represent their name itself.


Danum Valley

Fine-TravellingDanum Valley, a very secluded and remote place surrounded by ancient tropical rainforest, located nearby Lahad Datu, a 130 million year old ecosystem which is known for being the “Sabah largest lowland Rainforest ”.

Although Danum Valley is in an area surrounded by forest, there are various activities and accommodations provided especially The Borneo Rainforest Lodge located within Danum valley and provides both accommodation and activities.

The accommodations provided by them come in two various options which are the premium villa and the chalets.

Where else their activities are packed and bounded by packages which are filled with adventurous plans for their guests.


Pulau Tiga

Lastly, to enjoy and experience a luxurious stay at a villa resort on a pristine island where the crystal blue water frames a white sandy beach located on Pulau Tiga, is called The Borneo Eagle Resort.

The resort is accommodated with four various types of villas which are the pool villa, coral villa and spa villa.


Asides from just their villa being highlighted, the resort itself provides other services such as recreation and spa. 

Local or foreign, there isn’t a limitation as to who could go on a fine travelling and enjoy a luxurious time for themselves. Everyone indeed deserves one.

To travel internationally or domestically, where there is a place to go and explore, indeed one should seek. Each of its villas has its own very unique features.

Sabah owns the utmost indescribable beauty of nature in its flora and fauna. Where one could splendidly enjoy all the natural sources provided to them. Especially to those who enjoy and love to seek organic and natural sources.

Plan a trip away from the city as Sabah steadily opens up to tourism activities!
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