Go Corporate with Kadaiku


Kadaiku has an extensive range of corporate gifts to suit your needs. Come on over to Kadaiku if you’re looking for the best corporate gifts for your company event or to decorate your office with a touch of local taste! Kadaiku features over 500 authentic local gifts and handicrafts, as well as the most unique and comprehensive list of corporate gifts on the market. As a trusted authentic souvenir shop, Kadaiku not only supports the local artisans, but it also aims to promote the hidden treasures of Sabah.

Local Painting
Let your walls do the talking with unique, original paintings by Sabah’s talented emerging and contemporary painters. Why not embrace and support our local artisans with their culture, wildlife and nature art pieces
Price range from RM25 to RM220

Pewter Product
Whether an elegant wedding gift, graduation present, corporate award, or a souvenir for an event, Kadaiku always has something to help make every occasion memorable. These beautifully crafted pieces are inspired by the wonders of Sabah – Wakid, Sompoton, Lepa, Gong, and the Rafflesia. They are available in both the matte-finished and the decorative-trimmed pewter. You will definitely appreciate its rich attention to detail.

Price range from RM190 to RM455

​Thoughtful and heartfelt corporate gifts are the perfect way to share a little kindness. Kadaiku offers a huge range of style and colour for this lustrous statement. The pearl endures as a legendary symbol of love, purity, wealth, magic and good fortune. A The Freshwater Bracelet Pearl​s are one of the best sellers in Kadaiku that are locally made from the waters of Semporna, Kudat, and Tuaran. These pearls convey luxury and timeless elegance.
​Price range from RM100 to RM4800

So why not give back to the people who support your business the most with the perfect corporate gift? Kadaiku’s exquisite products are suitable as exclusive gift items for any occasion!

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