Sabahan Beauty Habits You Should Start Now! 


By Amber Leigh Lanjuat

The skincare industry is one of the rapidly expanding industries that are conquering the world as beautiful skin is sought out by everyone. Almost everyone has a skin care routine but many are cautious when picking up a product because one wrong move and your skin will break out, and the damage lasts for days to weeks, or worse, years. 

There are a lot of ingredients that should be avoided because of its toxicity to your skin, such as parabens, refined petroleum and silica. Which leaves us with one important question –  what ingredients are actually good for the skin?

A frequently-asked question when picking out a skin care product: are natural ingredients better? Although not proven scientifically factual, most natural ingredients are much better for the skin.

Here’s why:

  • These products are environmentally friendly. Natural products are derived from natural sources without adding synthetic compounds. Most are also packaged with recyclable materials such as paper wrapping. If you’re looking for local Sabah products that are Earth-friendly, Native Body & Skin is selling several choices of body soaps that will leave your skin supple and sweet. 
  • Less internal issues caused by chemical reactions. Due to the lack of synthetic compounds, our skins are less likely to have a chemical reaction from a product. A soft reminder that some people might react badly even to natural ingredients depending on their skin sensitivity. Many skincare brands in Kadaiku are transparent with their ingredient list which gives consumers ease when choosing products. 
  • Cruelty-free. In the cosmetic and dermatology industry, animal testing is utilised to ensure that the products would not have negative effects on the human skin. Many animals have suffered as test subjects and died as a consequence. With proper awareness, many people buy from brands that promote their products as cruelty-free with ingredients that are naturally safe for the skin and the environment.
  • Kinder to skin. Due to the lack of unnecessary ingredients, our skin is able to absorb the product with less irritation. Ingredients such as coconut oil or milk, rose water, and avocado oil are great for the skin and are extractions of natural ingredients. Many of these natural skincare products can be found in Kadaiku and are made by local brands. 

A small reminder that when choosing skin care products, we must be mindful that what works for other people might not work for you. It’s always important to check the ingredient list to prevent allergic reactions or skin irritation. 

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