#SMBGirls: Tanjung Aru Stand Up Paddling in Sabah


By Azeera Az.

Imagine having a Hi-Def view of a beautiful sunset while you soak your body in the calming ocean water. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect trip? What if I say you can do that in #kkcity via Stand-Up Paddling (SUP)? The SMB Girls joined Borneo Travel again in another water adventure. And this time we conquered the waters of Tanjung Aru Beach!

Our iconic beach is only five minutes drive from town, and transportation is provided for anyone who needs a lift from their hotel. As soon as we arrived at Tanjung Aru First beach, our guide Joe briefed us about SUP – from getting to know the gears and parts of the board, to learning how to paddle and stir to different directions. He made sure all of us were familiar with the tips and tricks, especially on how to handle the ocean currents.

Our SUP experience at Serusup river in Tuaran was very much different than Tanjung Aru because of the rougher currents and water conditions. Because of that, it takes more strength to paddle in the ocean. So it is important to use your core instead of your arms when paddling or else you will easily get tired. Once we were done with the briefing, off we went to the water!

Our first pit-stop was the Magic Island, where a small island appears during low tides. The island is made of pieces of broken dead corals and shells, so be sure to have your foot wear on once you land on its shores. You can also have a quick swim around the island, but be careful as the waters are deep.

Our next pit-stop was at Nemo point, known to be a spot for clownfish sightings. We also managed to spot other ocean creatures including a number of starfish. While paddling, you can see a lot of corals underneath, so be careful not to fall down or you might hurt yourself.

The last stop was at the Coral Bar, another ‘low tide’ island. Here is where you can watch the sun set into the ocean. We were very lucky that day as we were able to witness a combination of a very bright and beautiful orange sunset with a visible half rainbow! Definitely an #insta-worthy moment to experience!

As the sky darkens, we headed back to shore. From our experience, it takes a lot of energy to paddle against the waves. In worst scenarios, you can also get drifted away to different directions. So make sure to inform your guide if you need any assistance.

You can get your SUP Sunset Safari experience for only RM80 per pax! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also add snorkeling into your itinerary.


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