Style Yourself with a Sabah Motif Handbag


By Azeera Az.

Bags are one of the must-have fashion items every person needs. Not only does it help complete your #ootd look, but it also lets you carry your everyday essentials in style. Show off your Sabahan pride by carrying a piece of our local handmade bags decorated with unique traditional motif and batik patterns. #supportlokal

Fern Handmade
If you’re living a minimalist lifestyle, these bags have become a fashion staple for helping the environment as tote bags are also great alternatives for carrying your groceries, attending classes, meetings, and so much more. It’s light, easy to wash, eco-friendly, and is able to hold up items ranging from your makeup, handphone, books, and even your laptop! But instead of using the typical plain canvas bag, spark a conversation with a tote bag that doesn’t only carries items but also Sabah’s beautiful culture. Locally handmade by Fern Handmade, the Borneo motif canvas bags are available with a selection of Sabah traditional motif options for you to choose from. Fashion lovers are also given the selection of two different sizes and colours (black and white).

Small: Rm 89
Large: RM 120

Instagram: @fern_handmade & @fernofficialmy

Sabah Batik purse

Add a dash of colour and abstract prints to complete your look with Sabah Batik’s purse, decorated with unique Batik patterns! These purses come in three different sizes, making it easier for you to organize the contents of your bag; or you could just wear it as a mini-clutch bag. What’s special about these purses? Sabah Batik prints their own batik patterns so that every person will get different designs. Sabah Batik purse is now available in Kadaiku, with a variety of colours and patterns for you to choose.

Small: RM16
Medium: RM22
Large: RM30

Facebook: Sabah Batik Sabah Batik
Instagram: @sabahbatik